Crazy thought I had the other day (Street Fighter V related)


We all know the story at this point, right? If you don’t, here’s a refresher: due to poor decisions & mismanagement, Capcom ran out of funds for SFV in the middle of development. So, they had to find help. That came in the form of Sony. In exchange for helping them with funding, SFV was only ever released on PS4 & PC. No Xbox One version whats so ever.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, here is my crazy thought: due to the fact that this deal was made around six years ago, makes me think that the stipulation was SFV could never be released on the One. But what about the Series X/S? I would not be surprised if Capcom releases an all in one version next year for BOTH next-gen consoles to tide people over until SFVI.

What do you think XboxEra? Crazy plausible? Or just plan crazy?

Yeah I’ve secretly been hoping for this myself.

We’d need to know if the deal was in perpetuity, or if there’s a loophole that allows SFV “Whatever Edition” to come to Series X.

I would buy that shit in a heartbeat

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I own the game on PS4 & I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Me too, I even just bought the Champion Edition Upgrade. If they released it on Series X, I’d buy it there as well as the Anniversary Collection and have every SF game on Xbox. Already got 4 BC

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Thanks to the power of BC & the Anniversary Collection, I have nearly every SF game on my Xbox (except for USF4 & HD Remix… Which I am not sure is even BC :thinking:) except for SFV. Thanks to my slight case of OCD, it kind of kills me :laughing:.