'Cozy 2D Adventure' Fall of Porcupine Comes to Xbox Consoles This June

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Developer Critical Rabbit (formerly BUNTSPECHT.GAMES) and publisher Assemble Entertainment have announced ‘Fall of Porcupine’, a 2D-adventure title about perseverance, discovery, and love. Players take on the role of Dr. Finley, a medical practitioner stepping through the doors of Porcupine Hospital and in turn, a new chapter in his life. But not everything is as illustrious in medicine as it seems…

Fall of Porcupine launches on Xbox consoles on the 15th of June. Have a gander at the game’s release date trailer, gallery, and press release below. A demo for the game is available on Steam until the 8th of May, which you can find right here.

Nurse Your Wholesome Game Craving with Fall of Porcupine, Coming Next Month to PC and Consoles  

This story of perseverance, discovery, and love will be available on June 15th, 2023.  

Wiesbaden, Germany – 4th May 2023. Your prescription has just been called in, and it’s just what the doctor ordered: Fall of Porcupine’s release date, and a brand new trailer to cure what ails ya! Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Critical Rabbit, previously named BUNTSPECHT.GAMES, are ecstatic to announce that its cozy 2D-adventure title Fall of Porcupine launches on 15th June, 2023, for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

For immediate feel-good fun, play the Fall of Porcupine demo, The Last Days of Summer as part of Steam’s LudoNarraCon event until May 8th. Hosted by publisher Fellow Traveller, LudoNarraCon is a digital festival celebrating the who’s who in narrative games. Among hundreds of submissions for this exclusive event, Assemble Entertainment’s Fall of Porcupine, Lacuna, and Roadwarden was selected to be showcased in the event. Along with the Last Days of Summer demo, discover many more free and exclusive demos, livestreams, and fireside chats with industry leaders, and take advantage of discounted games during this event.

It’s been quite the winter for the town of Porcupine. The many, many feet of snow left its residents confined to their fireplaces and coziest blankets as they enjoyed the holiday season with friends and family. But, the time for hibernation is over for Porcupine’s residents, as there is a big day on the horizon! Join the newest resident of Porcupine, Finley, as he seeks to find his way through an ever-changing and emotional new chapter of his life.

Stepping into the town of Porcupine for the first time, players will take to the worn and well-loved scrubs of Dr. Finley, the newest fledgling medical practitioner to step through the doors of the Porcupine hospital. At first glance, the town and its people hold up to its quiet, small-town vibe. But as you experience the heart-tugging story of Fall of Porcupine unfolds, you’ll see that not everything is as it seems. Not everyone is honest with themselves and others, the healthcare industry is not as illustrious as it seemed in medical school, and the work/life balance Finley strives toward might be harder to achieve than he could have ever imagined.    

Key Features of Fall of Porcupine:

  • Where the Wild Things get their Healthcare: Build relationships with the eclectic and intriguing citizens of Porcupine through deep and engaging conversations. Watch your words, as who knows just what might get you on someone’s bad side.
  • Soft and Sensitive: Finley’s adventures (and misadventures) lead to sensitive territory dealing with themes like death, illness, mental health, and grief. Fall of Porcupine sensitively tackles each of these with approachable storylines, relatable characters, and resonating dialogue. 
  • A Journey for the Whole Family: Fall of Porcupine’s tightly-built gameplay and controls means that anybody can pick-up and play with ease. No matter if you’re a first-time player, or a 2D side-scrolling expert, Fall of Porcupine will make you feel right at home.
  • Oh, the Places You’ll See (and Hear): The wonderfully illustrated world of Fall of Porcupine will take you through a beautiful world of color and wonder, while the top-tier soundtrack will resonate every moment from the tips of your eardrums to the bottom of your heart.     

Fall of Porcupine Press Release