Could TVs be branded like consoles?




Samsung and xbox have done marketing things in the past abd stadia is coming to LG TVs.

So with TVs now having the caperbility of xcloud will we see it as a key part of advertising, like games on the box like it was on that n64 box?

TVs will now be game machines with access to the internet.

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They won’t be branded like consoles, they will advertise the capability of it though. MS have deals with both Samsung and LG (in Europe I think it was) so I can see xCloud becoming a big thing on those TVs. In future models, we’ll probably even seen a dedicated Xbox button on the remote, next to the Youtube and Netflix button. Another thing I’ve seen is Samsung advertise Xbox with their new phones. I’ve seen ads with them showing the phone and someone playing with a Xbox controller and xCloud, which is kinda cool.

LG Electronics (LG) and Xbox have entered into an exclusive marketing partnership to highlight the phenomenal gaming experience of the widely-anticipated Xbox Series X console and LG OLED TV in key markets across Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia-Pacific. 1 LG OLED TV becomes the official TV partner of Microsoft’s new console in these regions with special events held at participating retail locations to provide consumers the opportunity to experience for themselves the sheer exhilaration of gaming on LG’s 2020 OLED TV models and Xbox’s latest console.

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I wonder if lg will include xcloud, or maybe stadia bagged exclusivity?

Nah xCloud isn’t ready yet, if that was the case MS would be on Samsung TVs instead.

I think ms goal is to have it on as many tvs as possible.

It will be on anything with an internet connection that can have a screen and controller hooked up to it haha