Could Sony's SSD solution be the better deal after all? (not about speeds)

I spoke to some people about this. I said that to me it sounds like MS has the more easy, console friendly option when it comes to expanding SSD. Just buy the SSD card, put it in and done. Having to open the PS5 up to put in a SSD is more of a hassle.

But they gave their arguments too and I gotta say, they do have a point. But I want to know what you guys think about this. I hope i didn’t mess up with the quotes here. This is a little different than other forums.

I know we got plenty of people here with knowledge about these kind of things. What say you?

You need to slide one of the side panels off and unscrew a small SSD bay cover, yes. A bit more work than just popping in a “memory card”, but how often are you going to do it? It’s a much more flexible and consumer-friendly solution, as it lets you use any compatible SSD (of which there aren’t many yet, but there will be). With the Xbox you can only use their proprietary one, which they can price as they please.

How often are you going to swap the cards, if your swapping the cards often, then we know why MS went with that proprietary route that may sit on 1TB for some time. Just buy anotha’ when full, we got you!

Take off the cover, slap in a 2TB or more in 5 minutes or so from third parties undercutting one another. Set it and forget it.

MS went with a simpler but expensive solution.

I should not say it is better.

1TB 980 Pro fits in the PS5 slot and it is not the cheapest option we will have in the market.

Proprietary though. Which means - just like with the Vita - they won’t be coming down in price much.

In a year, a 1tb ssd for Ps5 will cost half what an XsX one does.

I do remember the Vita and that wasn’t great. But something tells me with the MS we now have (i’d call many of their moves consumer friendly) i don’t think they are gonna fall behind with Sony when it comes to these things.

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The thing is MS already announced that there is gonna be other cards from different parties and in different sizes. So, it won’t be as expensive as they are saying.


They did? I wasn’t aware of that, that’s great news then.

Yeah i’m not too worried that MS is going to fall behind Sony too much with this. It sounds more like people are mostly just assuming. In the case of Vita truly only Sony was the one with the cards, but if there are definitely going to be other brands too…sounds good to me.

Case closed.


Thank you! I was about to go look for this since I just read it this morning.


It stands to reason that a non-proprietary solution like Sony’s will result in more options and lower prices over time, compared to a proprietary solution.

Still, both are going to be way more expensive than people are used to, for a long while into the generation. We wanted speed and that’s the tradeoff.

Personally, I prefer being able to just plug something into the console and have it work, instead of needing to disassemble it and replace a part. I fully expect to pay a premium though.

It’s good to know this.

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Ms will open to other companies. They have a timed deal with seagate in exchange for cheaper prices on the internal unit.

Right now we know nothing about compatibility with ps5. However the fastest ssd you can buy right now offers a real world performance significantly below 5.5GB/s and still reaches close to the thermal throttling point on a PC case. We don’t know if that’s will be enough for ps5, but we could be looking at a just as pricey approach with none of the commodities.

Going by some of those comments they seem to 100% believe Sony will have the cheaper options, but when Sony themselves haven’t even announced any yet…that’s kinda interesting.

One comment was about that Samsung. Did you mean that one? Sounded to me like the guy was pretty sure it would work with PS5, but I wonder based on what.

I think another benefit is that with games going digital if I want to take my games with me to a friend’s house I can just pull out the card and plug it into the back of his xbox and we can play. Where as with playstation I need to have space on a friends ssd to download the game


Yeah the 980 evo from Samsung.

It’s the fastest one around at the moment, but even so we are not sure it works on the ps5. And it’s the same price as the SX storage solution too, so if it demands something higher it would be potentially costlier


I think the most measured play for now is to use regular old external USB 3.0+ HDD for cold storage. Per Jeff Grubb’s tests, it won’t be too painful to shuffle games back and forth between the external HDD and the internal SSD. The 1TB expansion is painfully expensive, but only for now.

The statement from Roland is very encouraging. I remember the pain of the Vita well (though to be fair, I believe that came with a pathetic amount of onboard storage, not really comparable at all in that sense)

My outlook is to consider the 1TB expansion as a pricey early-adopter tax. I’m willing to ignore it for a while and make do with the shuffle. Thankfully for me, I don’t think there are enough next-gen games announced that I personally find exciting enough to fill up the 800~ GB(?) internal SSD. My sympathies to those with data caps and an affinity for huge Activision games.


Well, I am kinda considering getting a 500 or 1tb external SSD to put all my games on. In the Grubb video I saw that copying games from a external SSD to the internal took like 2 minutes or so for AC Origins I believe. But with a external HDD it took like 7 minutes or so.

I plan to be moving stuff over quite a lot because I will be trying all my games to see the better framerates, resolution, loading times, auto HDR etc. But I’m not sure yet. Because on the other hand…let’s say a 1tb external SSD sets me back 100 to 150 euros, I might as well save a little more for a XSX SSD card.

You do you :smile: I already have a big external HDD so I’m set but if you need external storage and speed is more important to you than size then an external SSD makes sense! In the end, I think I’d prefer having the flexibility of a lot of storage and queuing up a bunch of transfers while I make dinner or something but my use case isn’t universal.

For what it’s worth, I think Grubb also tested out an internal SSD and an external enclosure with USB connection, that might be cheaper than an external SSD.

I actually have always preferred Sony’s method of letting me replace the internal as I hate shit sticking out of my console.

But it’s definitely not the easier way and the Xbox Memory Cards will drop in price too.

But neither will allow you to replace the internal. In both cases you’re adding to existing storage.

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External enclosure with USB? Damn, now you lost me. I need to do more research into this.

You also can’t deny the convinience of the plug-and-play nature of MS’s solution. You can easily takenit to a friends house. And in my case I’ll be able to take it from one Xbox to the other in my own house.


I think MS’s solution will come down in price. I also highly doubt that a 1TB Samsung 980 will drop by 50% in price within a year, not even on Black Friday. High quality drives from what I have noticed usually stay at a higher price point for a longer period of time.

Ha ha whoops, could have phrased that a bit better. Probably better to link the tweet directly (took a while to find, dude tweets a lot.

Edit: Here’s (I think) the Amazon link. Just did US since I don’t know which European country you’re from.

It’s an enclosure for your HDD or SSD that connects your drive to an “Interface” that then sends data through a usb cable. Think of it like a usb hub, but for hard drives.