Coop Heist FPS 'Den of Wolves' Announced for PC

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Developer 10 Chambers announced on stage at The Game Awards that their next cooperative heist title, ‘Den of Wolves’, will be coming to PC via Steam when its ready. Featuring a mind-bending reveal trailer, Den of Wolves promises to be greater than the common bank heist: corporate espionage, sabotage, assassinations, you name it—Sci-fi, it’s all here. Den of Wolves will come to PC first, but it is being designed to work on console.

Midway City is an unregulated innovation metropolis in the North Pacific Ocean – founded by big corporations in the wake of deep learning AI that became an unstoppable hacking tool, collapsing global economies and putting the dollar into free fall. With the world in desperate need of a revolution in the field of network security, powerful investment firms backed by Big Pharma and the oil industry developed an entirely new data transmission and storage concept: biological systems based on the human brain, so fundamentally different from traditional network architecture they were completely inaccessible to AI.

The game isn’t open-world, but we still value worldbuilding enormously, and the narrative we’ve built around the island is vast. We want Midway City to feel like a believable city of the near future, where late-stage capitalism has gone rampant and corporations set the rules. As a player, you reside in the city’s underground domains without any real identity or papers, building your allegiances to become a criminal entrepreneur on Midway City’s black market of gig jobs.

Simon Viklund, Co-founder, and Narrative and Audio Director @ 10 Chambers.

Check out the trailer and screenshots below for more information on Den of Wolves.

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