Control coming on Game Pass for PC

Hype - un’control’


Nice. Guess I’ll try it out on PC. Any word if the console version in game pass will change to the enhanced edition?

Yeah, it feels a bit cheap to put the meh-version on Game Pass and not upgrade it.

This was the perfect Game Pass game for me. I played through the campaign just before the holidays and had a good time with it. I finished some of the side quests but more or less moved on once I was done the main storyline.

The optimized version on console is not included; 505 Games dropped the ball and have decided only owners of the “Ultimate Edition” will have access. Shady move by the publisher but Remedy built a good game here that people should try.

I felt like playing through Game Pass was a good way to recognize Remedy’s good work without necessarily playing into 505 Games’ BS.


I’d second this, had skipped control when it launched due to the amount of shade some of the Remedy team were throwing MS’s way but really enjoyed my game pass playthrough. Had also been put off by the difficulty spikes I experienced in quantum break but they’ve added some great configuration options to allow this to be tweaked to smooth things out.

So I’d recommend a play through if you skipped it.

Would also recommend the Alan Wake DLC (payed) if you are a fan. It’s great. And led to my 4th play through of AW (360, x1, x1x, XsX) now with HDR.

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