Lore: Like countless similar sites across the Galaxy, these Construct observation decks served as both project command platforms and places of solemn reflection, predating even the most ancient Forerunner traditions.

Modes: Slayer, King, Ball, 2-8 players rec.

This is a remaster of our previous version of Construct that was brought forward from Derrik’s bot and then given a basic art and gameplay pass. This was from before the Blender days (along with High Ground, Guardian, and Foundry).

There is an opening curtain script that plays out an animation every match along with audio so you can experience that best by the ledge side. The animation itself is random so will play out at random speeds and intervals coming to rest finally at a random height across the whole skybox.

The map supports bots, and they will use all the lifts, too.

There is a regular version that has some adjustments for Infinite along with weapon racks and expanded sandbox.

There is also a classic version with a built in no sprint no clamber script that has MLG inspired layout from Halo 3 with no weapon racks and classic weapons drop on map.

Regular Version:

Classic Version:

The Classic CHL modes found here: