(Confirmed)Xbox will support DTS:X

Hello all. So, I wrote about audio setups on the XSX/SS a few days back. Turns out Xbox have just announced support for DTS:X, the alternative to Atmos.

This is great news for those who cannot afford Atmos, as this produces somewhat similar effects to it at a cheaper entry price.

As you see, it says it’s free for home theatre, but you will need to pay a one off fee for the headphone service.

A while ago I gave the trial a shot with headphones and I actually liked it better than Dolby Atmos for headphones. Something I really had not expected at all.


Re: price/entry

So when I saw this tweet pop up, I went straight to Amazon.

I have been debating for almost a week about audio for XSX, as I’ve been using my TV speakers for a long time.

My wife won’t allow me to go back to having a reciever and speakers like I used to, so I was looking into Soundbars.

The minimum entry for Atmos was in the £300 mark, and I really did not want to spend that amount with the current plague and doing less hours lately.

The entry for an okay soundbar with DTS:X is £160, almost half the price for the alternative.

So, I’ve ordered it and looking forward to it. :grin: You could say this news came at the perfect time, and allows people to experience something like Atmos(albeit faux and nothing like a reciever) at a very cheap price.

My condolences on the loss of your dear receiver and speakers.


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