'Conan Exiles' "Age of War - Chapter 3" Update Now Available---Major PvE Fortress Addition, Player-run Taverns

Originally published at: 'Conan Exiles' "Age of War - Chapter 3" Update Now Available-Major PvE Fortress Addition, Player-run Taverns - XboxEra

Publisher Funcom has announced that today, it’s 3rd chapter in the “Age of War” series of updates is now available in its survival title ‘Conan Exiles’. For the first time ever, besiege a fully destructible fortress and take on the leader of an invading empire. This update is available across all platforms (and a good reminder that Conan Exiles is available on Xbox Game Pass).

The fortress, built using player building pieces, is fully destructible, just like in PvP. However, in this case, the player takes on a battalion of elite Stygian soldiers in a fully PvE encounter. Bring down the walls with simple weapons, explosives, or even trebuchets, then face down the Stygian commander.

In addition, players can now breathe life into their bases by building and opening their very own tavern. Once the barkeep has been freed from an enemy purge camp and brought to your tavern, this dynamic area will over time fill with NPCs that you can hire to join your ranks. No longer does the wheel of pain need to be the main source of followers.

Journey into a vast wilderness teeming with danger and adventure on the back of the brand new camel mount, the third unique mount in Conan Exiles.

Chapter 3 brings its own new paid Battle Pass and Bazaar cosmetics, letting you expand the Aesir building set to create epic wooden longhouses straight out of legend. Unique tavern decorations, an expanded dungeon set, emotes, pets, cosmetic armors and weapons, and more await. 

And for something completely new, get the colossal chess board and challenge both friend and foe, complete with life-size board pieces.

Have a gander at the launch trailer and screenshots below for this update to Conan Exiles.

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Hopefully they will fix the broken achievement while at it.

EDIT: Oh, it’s already fixed.