Combat Racing 'Disney Speedstorm' Early Access Packs Now Available for Pre-order

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Announced on Gameloft’s Disney Speedstorm Twitter page, the high-octane ‘hero-based combat racing game’ will be launching into early access on the 18th of April. Ahead of its free-to-play launch, players will be able to play the game ahead of time and give feedback to the developers as well as receiving exclusive rewards. The game will be coming to all Xbox consoles and PC.

The following packs are available for pre-order:

All packs offer early access to the game and more information on the preview can be found on the game’s FAQ page.

The year 2023 seems to be the year for kart racing, which this writer is all for. Have a gander at the release date trailer below for a glimpse of the game.


I wonder how this one will turn out. A great new (Kart) racing game is always welcome.

I want to see some first impressions before committing to a founders pack. But definitely maybe :thinking:

Graphics look good, but how does it feel, play?

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Tomorrow :negative_squared_cross_mark:

(Bing a.i)

Some fan art I had Bing ai make.

So anyone else going to play this tomorrow?

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It’s for everyone to play tomorrow? Then absolutely yeah!

Also, will Baby Groot actually be in it or does Bing speculate it will? :slight_smile:

If by everyone, you mean everyone that paid $30, then yes! :laughing: I don’t know the roster. I think I’m making assumptions with my bing fan art. I only expect Disney core characters to start, so Mickey and Donald Duck, those old school Disney characters. Star Wars and Marvel will come eventually if I had to guess :thinking:

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Ah damn it!

Then I have to wait. But when it comes out it will be free to play, right?

Yes, join us in a couple months for free :+1: I’m impatient so I payed the money :upside_down_face:

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It does look really good visually and gameplay wise fun, in those videos. I wonder how the sense of speed is, this is something I find a bit lacking in MK8 at times, while the 200cc is just no good, haha.

I look forward to your impressions.

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Just some more bing fan art I made in an attempt to build “hype”for the AAA Xbox Kart game releasing in a few hours that no one is talking about :joy: