COD games will come to gamepass?

Hello, i switched to xbox from playstation at 2017 and so far im very happy. This is my first topic here so im sorry if i do anything wrong. I have just two questions. 1-Bethesda anounced an Indiana Jones game, is that still alive? Theres no news about that anymore.

2-Call of duty games will be on gamepass? If will, then when? Thank you so much for ur answers


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  1. Indiana Jones is in development at MachineGames, no news yet but that’s normal. It’s alive!

  2. The CoD games will be on Game Pass once the deal closes, at the very latest in June next year but probably sooner.


Yep, this.

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You made the switch in 2017? Really curious what your reason was

2017 was a pretty lowpoint for MS and a rather high one for Sony. Not that I fault you at all. Until recently I was always a both system guy, but always favored Xbox, just because I’m mostly a first person shooter and Wester RPG fan and there’s no contest between the two consoles there. And Gamepass just sealed the deal probably forever for me



Simply bc Xbox One X and gamepass. Before i always had playstation. 1-2-3-4 and then switched to one x it’s been my first xbox. Now i have series x and i can not say if it really worth because every single game comes with tons of graphics mode. I think games hasnt been optimized with next gen well or these consoles not as powerful as being next gen.


No need to apologize!

Since it seems our friendly (and mischievous) neighborhood @Mort has already answered your question, I’ll just leave you with this….



Yeah, if it had somehow been cancelled, we’d have heard. That said, I do wonder when we’ll hear something next. E3 maybe?


Probably not anytime soon. Most say that announcement was to help attract hires, which means that game is extremely early.

It is my “forget about it and be suprised when it comes” list, likely a 2024/2025 game.


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Mort seems to have gotten into the nitty gritty here. All I will say is that CoD on Game Pass may (emphasis on may) take a wee bit longer due to pre-existing contracts with Sony. We don’t know the specifics, although I wouldn’t worry too much (MS has a great bargaining chip here after all). All we know is that Xbox will bring as many Activision games as they can to Game Pass upon closing, and others may be added after (this could also simply be due to licensing. Deadpool for the Xbox One for instance was delisted but MS may want to pay Disney to get it back and into Game Pass).


Series X is plenty powerful. Most powerful console ever made. You pretty much got an RTX 2070 and a beast of a processor in there. It’s particularly why I upgraded from my One S rather than grabbing a new GPU for my PC (especially with today’s prices).

Also, options are a great thing. Pay attention to your frame rate. I personally love performance mode when games offer it to me.

Welcome to the Xbox Era, and I hope you have an awesome weekend duder. Cheers! :beers:


Indiana Jones is still alive and will be on Game Pass

Yes, Call of Duty games will come to Game Pass also. When? I’d expect that to start happening from 2024 onwards. Sony has a deal in place that is alleged to end next year.

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But that’s the new ones, right. The Acti-blizz back catalogue should hit as soon as the deal is closed?

Can’t wait to go through all those COD campaigns, ABK games price cuts are awful.

Oh, yeah I’m assuming older games will come as soon as the deal closes, yeah

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Hoping for a Call of Duty Collection something like MCC where all the older COD games are on there that would be so awesome Nick next time you get a chance to talk to Phil let him know pls

Old ones will.

We have to wait and see if the contract SONY has with ABK prevents the new ones to come to the service. If so, they will come to the service after…2024-2025?

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I’d be down for this, but only if you can pick and choose which games to include without first downloading them all. It boggles my mind why the MCC isn’t like that.

Meaning, you’d download the Call of Duty Collection from within Game Pass like normal, but it would be quite small in size. Basically you’d only download a Call of Duty launcher. Then from within CDC you’d select which titles you want to download in full.

But yeah, having a single Call of Duty entry in the library would definitely be to prefer to me, rather than having multiple entries cluttering up the interface.