CoD : Cold War open beta. When available for download?

The open beta should be playable in a few hours from now, 7 in the evening here in Holland. But I can’t seem to download the beta at all. So I thought maybe as soon as it goes live this evening only then we can download it. But the Xbox site mentions preloading, or is that only for people that preordered it?

I do see the open beta on Xbox but it’s unavailable it says.

Preloading is only for preorders from what I’ve found as their beta started 2 days ago. Should go live to download at 7 your time

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Ah, so it is like that. Good to know! Thanks. :slight_smile:

I didn’t enjoy this at all

It felt like they put way too much focus on gun feedback at the expense of just about everything.

I’m also surprised what a significant visual downgrade it is from Modern Warfare.

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Don’t bother downloading it you’ll waste your time, the game is shit.

Thank you. I’ll stick to MW. I hope the next-gen patch is not too far away.

Oh wtf, that’s a shame. I was quite impressed with some of the maps a few months ago, thought the maps looked actually fun, visually too. I didn’t buy MW 2019 so i wouldn’t know if it’s a uprade or not. Ah well, i’m still gonna check it out.

How do you DL it please? I want to try it for myself but can’t find a link even on the store it says to preorder

We will have to wait until it goes online for everyone. For my country that’s 7 o clock this evening. As soon as it goes open for everyone so does the download.

You need to preorder and I got a message from XBL which lead me to the store and I managed to download it like that.

try here maybe

Is MW even going to get a next gen patch? If that’s true, that’s amazing. I really like MW and I’m currently playing on one s, so I’d like to be amazed on series x :smiley:

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Thanks but I already tried that and same results not available lol


Thanks! Do you know the exact timing please?

This is what i found

The Black Ops Cold War open beta has an October 17 release date on Xbox and PC. The beta will begin at 6pm BST for fans living in the UK.

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Not really sure what I read and I can’t find the infos. Maybe it was on twitter or I may have imagined things. :sweat_smile:

I think that Warzone is still big and with the game still in active development with probably a couple more seasons, they’re just waiting for Black Ops to drop to talk about a MW patch. But yeah, who knows with Activision…

Well they said they’re going to continue working on warzone but with a cold war paint. There’s already a tab for warzone in cold war. I have low expectations from Activision. If if were ubisoft, Microsoft or someone else, maybe, but I dot expect a nexr gen patch for modern warfare from Activision.

Yeah, we’ll see. If not, it’s a real shame. That new engine would have shined on next-gen consoles. I still think it’s possible, but yeah, Activision… :expressionless:

I’ve been playing a few matches now of Team DM, Sattelite and such and I have to say that I’m enjoying it. The gunplay feels good and I dig the maps too.

But this is coming from a dude whose last CoD was Advanced Warfare and I even barely played that MP too. Black Ops 1 is probably the last MP I properly played.