COD Black ops - Cold War : requires 250 GB on PC! UPDATE: 136 GB on X|S


Update: 136 GB for X|S


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While im personally skipping the game as I have had my fill of COD/BF over the last five years, there goes 25% of storage for XSX and 33% of storage for PS5. Jeez.


I hope sp campaign can be uninstalled :cold_sweat:

Fucking hell. Glad I dropped the series. These installs are insane.

It can. It requires 75 GB for multiplayer only.

This goes for console too? I hope so! Because after I’m done with SP I’ll ubibstall that immediately. Or is there also a Warzone type of thing eating all that space?

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I honestly don’t know. We’ll see.

I wonder how much of this is from Warzone?

The last CoD game I enjoyed was WWII, so I’ll most likely skip Cold War or wait for it to be very cheapz the Warzone part of the game I might play around with if it’s different to the current one.

Boy oh boy!

136 GB on X|S

But we can uninstall modes, so that’s good! Plus 136 isn’t too bad at all.

That’s pretty big. Definitely uninstalling the campaign once I’m done with it.

I’m genuinely surprised that both the X and the S have the same file size.

Maybe I’m simplifying things but it this tells me one of two things, either the developer got lazy and didn’t replace 4K and 8K assets with 1K/2K ones. or that they felt that rendering those 4K and AK assets would result in the best visuals for the Series S.

More than “lazy”, the entire development cycle of this game has been an unholy mess for circumstances outside of Treyarch’s control. Developer change mid-work, COVID-19, having to repurpose the game into a Black Ops game, a cross-gen launch, having to resort to going back to the old engine (which isn’t even the engine in Warzone)… yeah, it’s been a tough ride.

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It’s just crazy to me when RDR2 and cyberpunk 2077 are sub 120 gb and are absolutely breathtaking huge and dense worlds but a goddamn cod game gets updates nearing half that size and install sizes skyrocketing to hundreds of GBs.

Activision absolutely sucks at this for having normalised bloated install sizes and lack of hardware specific optimizations. Series S install size should be a lot smaller but they didn’t even bother

I should clarify that “lazy” is probably a bad term because I’m sure the developers pride themselves on releasing a solid product. Ultimately any lack of polish or any inefficiencies that remain are due to a lack of time, and that largely falls on the publisher.

That said, going forward you would have thought that Activision would have learned their lessons from Modern Warfare. It’s become a meme at this point and with SSDs being as expensive as they are for both PCs and consoles, this sort of stuff could very well hurt sales.

It’s interesting to note that in the past couple weeks Fortnite received a major update in where the game size was reduced to a fraction of its ever-growing size. Patch sizes have also been reduced.

When I bought external HDDs for my consoles, game sizes have been a complete afterthought. It’ll be a different story this next generation.

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Yeah a lot of these live service games are doing a revamp and decreasing file sizes by a lot. Fortnite did it, Destiny did it, Warframe did it, but Cod doing it just seems increasingly unlikely.

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