Classic Arcade Racer 'Crashy Laps' Now Available on Xbox Consoles


Originally published at: Classic Arcade Racer 'Crashy Laps' Now Available on Xbox Consoles - XboxEra

Developer CheapeeSoft Games and publisher JanduSoft have announced that their isometric/top-down arcade classic racer ‘Crashy Laps’ is now available on Xbox consoles.

Crashy Laps is an arcade racing game specially designed for Local Multiplayer mode. Based on classic games, there are two possible camera views: isometric or top-down. Crashy Laps is a game to enjoy driving and overtaking aggressively, with a maximum of 4 Players. Little and funny tracks are waiting for you. Also, you can drive in Single Player mode to achieve the Best Time in the Leaderboard for each track.


  • 4 Settings for each part of day: Morning, Midday, Evening and Night.
  • 3 kind of Competitions: Time Trial, Grand Prix and Championship.
  • 4 Areas with their settings: road grip, environment, …
  • 4 Tracks for each Areas: in total, 16 Tracks.
  • 3 AI Difficulties: Novice, Professional or Expert.
  • Customization: customize car colours and number/name.

Check out the trailer and gallery below for more information on Crashy Laps. You can grab the game on the Xbox Store for 6,99 USD/Euro.