Cities Skylines 2 announced - coming in 2023 to PC, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass

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After revealing a new game from Harebrained Schemes, the Paradox Announcement Show had even more in store for us. Today Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive revealed Cities Skylines 2. It’s a sequel to the very popular Cities Skylines game which released 8 years ago today. It’s popularity was emphasized during the show. The developers revealed Cities Skylines got 5 million new players in 2022 alone.

Not many details on Cities Skylines 2 were revealed. But Paradox did reveal the game is coming in 2023. And it will release for PC and Xbox Series X|S simultaneously. The first game came to consoles quite some time after the initial release.

If you can dream it, you can build it. The highly acclaimed hit Cities: Skylines is now revolutionizing the city-builder genre again. The sequel to one of the best-selling management games of its decade is coming in 2023. Get ready for a new epic scale in the most realistic city builder - ever.

Besides the release date Paradox also revealed Cities Skylines is coming to Xbox Game Pass on the day of release. So, it seems we can add another big Game Pass game to the 2023 calendar.


Godamn Game Pass is wrecking my backlog. They have too many games at this point.

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Cities Skylines is such a massive game. I’ve put over 350 hours into it. So, while it’s nice that it’s coming to Game Pass, I’ll be adding it to my Steam account 100%.


Now I understand why they released the Remastered version.

Really relaxing and chill game to play. When doing something else you could watch your city grow and make some adjustments.

Even if you’re not into managing games, it is worth trying.

I hope they’ll add connecting cities. I’d love to build an entire world where cities are connected and you can create a large scale economy based the goods and services provided by each city.

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