Chivalry 2 is heading to Xbox Game Pass tomorrow

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Ready your swords and axes. The multiplayer hack & slash game Chivalry 2 by Torn Banner studios is coming to Xbox Game Pass tomorrow. The game features first-person and third-person action gameplay, either on foot or on horseback. Use hammers, flails, battle axes and bow and arrow to defeat your enemies in the field.

It’s a widely praised game with a lot of gore, but also a lot of satisfying combat. Our reviews editor Jesse ‘Doncabesa’ Norris reviewed the game back in 2021 and awarded the game with an 8.7.


Nice, really enjoyed the beta.

Fantastic game, should really pump up the player count too.

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Would I be amiss to compare this with Vermintide (plus third person view) game play? I’m a huge fan of Vermintide 2 (want to play the first one but the performance on Xbox doesn’t set well with my eyes).

To clarify, I’m referring to the controls and combat rather than PvPvE or Co-op and mission/arena design.

it’s a pretty heavy melee focus with emphasis on parrying/blocking, feels great once you master it a bit

That bit sounds like Vermintide!

Dammit. Another Game Pass game sneaking in on my “me” time! :rofl:.

Edit: I installed it and played the tutorial, an offline extra training mode, and a low player count beginner mode.


I am trying to play it like Vermintide for now so I keep making mistakes but the first person melee combat is FUN! I like the stages and altering missions within the skirmish so far. They seemed a bit more thought out and time period appropriate that the take/defend points that most of Starwars Battlefront felt like during the times I played with my kid.

In fact, I am having my kid schedule a day we can all play together and make time to do the tutorial first.

Once again, Gamepass + @Doncabesa share a fun game I would have completely skipped with my backlog and general shyness of non-co-op online multiplayer. :wink:

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