China to ban kids playing games for more than 3 hours

Interesting it’s kids only. Not adults.

That would really help stop the growth of the Chinese gaming market.

some Ready Player One ending type shit

Phil keeps talking about Gaming awareness outside the core group of gamers. This should be a wake up call about what ppl outside gaming think about gaming overall.

Korea had bad gaming addiction cases, but they and Japan have the most gaming friendly societies. Probably more than US, England and France too.

Really interested and (hoping) this slows down Tencent’s and NetEase acquistion spree.

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Policies like this might just be thing to actually ramp up their acquisitions even more. They’ve obviously been expanding their presence globally, and they will probably want to accelerate that if they’re seeing loss of control and exposure to their primary market/customer base.

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Unless China says “no more” and starts making them break apart.

They’re a Chinese company and have to follow CCP’s rules.

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Sure, but they could keep their foreign companies independent if it came to that. They would overall lose a lot of money, influence, and synergy in that situation however so they’ll likely do they’re best to try and avoid it.

Such a lovely place.

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That’s why Tencent and Netease have been in a hurry to get into the western market.

Korea has lifted restrictions in the same week LOL, kids were wasting the time with social media or whatever they also disliked, so why bother with useless regulation. Also their next to catch market doesn’t seem to be China at all but India, Africa, Korea and SEA. They don’t seem to have big efforts for restrictive markets.

Agree. They will accelerate their external investments even more.

Very strange for China to implement such measures despite having Tencent. But I have no insight into their local politics and CCP’s world view.

Korea is very gaming friendly. The point I was making is that even when Korea was facing serious life/death issues due to addictive gaming, they did not pursue a restrictive rule. They had one or two cases of ppl dying due to playing for over 36 hours. This was some time back - mid 2010s.

They instead highlighted that as a societal health and addiction problem that people need to be aware of. Had the US or England faced the issues that Korea had, they would have also issued countermeasures.

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