Chance to have a Warcraft IV Is higher than ever

For the ex level-designer on Warcraft 3 the new BLIZZARD’s acquisition by MS make Warcraft 4 a realistic scenario. And, i think, the perfect title to be a XBOX/PC exclusive.

Please Phil give us new sequela for this legendary titles.


They greenlit a halo wars 2 with a sick ass dlc. For sure we’re getting them.


I Hope so. Warcraft IV would be epic with all support from MS

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Warcraft IV definitely needs to happen, but l think WoW coming to Xbox Series X will happen first.

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I think the first thing Microsoft will want done is doing a MCC style repair job for W3: Reforged, as it will be a way to extend an olive branch to the community and signal that better times are on their way for Blizzard.


We’re getting both Starcraft and Warcraft in the next 4 years. Xbox is highly invested in the strategy genre.

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I do wonder if they’ll port Blizzard RTS games to consoles. I have a gaming laptop, but I realized I don’t like gaming on it because of how hot and loud it gets, so I would welcome it on consoles. Also I feel like there’s a lot they can do to build on the universes of warcraft and starcraft.

Yes, they could port them but i would prefer to see a native K&M support.

Well, there is some hope.

I wonder if some other people of the old crew that left the company due to their discontent will want to return. I know that bunch of folks created their studios already but who knows…

I Hope so

Blizzard, assemble!

OP, his previous video was actually more informative about Warcraft IV’s change and why he think’s it’ll happen.

Where would they even go with warcraft 4 story wise. So much has happened in the worcraft world storeywise. Would they just skip ahead or acknowledge what happened. Maybe ignore it?

90% of people Who work into BLIZZARd’s RTS team said they would love to work on Warcraft 4: so this it’s a bit confirm. Phil Spencer: After acquisition i Will sit with all teams asking them : on which projects would you love to work?

A prequel, maybe? The beginning of the all story. With more factions.

IDK that just doesn’t seem exciting. Maybe just a new story that takes place a while after wow. maybe you run into remants of the past. Arthas ghost for example.

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Don’t have much hope that they can make a RTS just as good or even better than WC3, but I’m willing to give them a chance. :wink:

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I don’t believe current Blizzard can do Warcraft justice.

Let them fix Reforged first. Then we’ll talk.

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Reforged has gone and i don’t see any BLIZZARD’s mistakes in this game. Reading the Schreirer’s report it’s pretty clear that Kotick Is the main guilty for this failure. “Inside Activision Blizzard’s Botched Warcraft III: Reforged Game - Bloomberg” Inside Activision Blizzard's Botched Warcraft III: Reforged Game - Bloomberg

Blizzard has a lot of talent and Diablo IV shows It, imho