Capcom Fighting Collection – Announcement Trailer


While all of the game are hype inducing, I NEED Hyper SFII now. Using WW or CE Guile online is going to be spectacular :smiling_imp:.

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I haven’t played Red Earth or Cyberbots but im always up for these kinds of old game collections.

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I will buy this but I think I need to make a few points.

  • old games like this are more likely to get played on my Legends Ultimate Arcade. If this collection of capcom fighters appeals to you then you owe it to yourself to drive down to Sams Club and spend the $500 on a MAME Arcade machine. Like seriously what are you waiting for? Just do it already.

  • Xbox needs to allow third party manufacturers to make wireless Arcade sticks. Wired is inconvenient and the official licensed ones are always rare and / or expensive.

  • When are there going to be Xbox / PS2 / PS3 / X360 fighting game collections? The best fighters are from that era.

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Liking the art of the characters.


Fairly certain they do allow that, but the third party needs to pay for the wireless tech license, which is likely whats keeping everyone from doing so because of the added cost.

Edit: yes they do allow it as Razer makes a couple wireless controllers, so they do license out the wireless technology.

I have the legends arcade wireless version. It’s so good!


Will buy for Darkstalkers!

Is Xbox going back to the old style box art for Xbox One?

If this is being done by digital eclipse, the game is going to have terrible emulation and rollback netcode.

Took 26 YEARS for Red Earth to hit a console. Crazy! What would have made this collection perfect would have been SF Alpha Max, which to my knowledge was only ever on the PSP and that was a damned shame since its the best version of the game.

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I would’ve taken this over the anniversary version of SF2 they’re putting in this. But we’re kinda stuck with the vanilla version that’s in SF 30th. No extra characters…


Yeah. Wouldn’t have killed them to throw in Saturday Night Slam Masters games too tbh.

Power Stone snd Rival Schools as well. They’re sitting on so much stuff they could re-release.


I would buy this but I’m at the point in my life where fighting games physically make my hands hurt lol. Good collection

I’d kill for a remastered Rival Schools. I played so much of that game back in the day.

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