Capcom Details Exoprimal’s Final Missions Selection Feature For Matches

Originally published at: Capcom Details Final Missions Selection Feature For Matches - XboxEra

Announced on Exoprimal’s blog earlier today, Capcom has provided details on how players can choose to opt-out of the player VS player mode in the game. Players that opt-out of PvP will instead compete with the enemy team for the highest score at the end of the round by killing as much dinosaurs as possible.

Have a gander at the Tweet below for more details. If you find yourself wondering how Exoprimal, the PvE and PvP dino slash exosuit third-person shooter, check out Jesse’s awesome preview on the beta of the game here. And a reminder that Exoprimal launches day one into Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Series consoles.


We have an exciting update from the #Exoprimal development team regarding how you experience PvEvP, PvE and PvP in the wargames!

🦖 Choose your preferred final mission scenario
🦖 PvE, PvP or random
🦖 PvP focused players won't miss out


— Exoprimal (@exoprimal) May 19, 2023