Can we talk about how much sense EA makes for Microsofts future gaming efforts?

EA on its entirety isn’t worth, IMO. The sports titles are licenses too. There are valuable studios on it, though, like Bioware (it would need work to get them on track), Dice and Respawn.

Plus MS already signed a deal before & we got GTA V & RDR 2 in the XGP. I think it was a way to test the waters after a negociation. Maybe for a potential acquisition :wink: Who knows?

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Let’s put this whole discussion into perspective. EA was also kicking the tires on acquiring WB Games. So, they’re definitely not in “Sell” mode. And the price to acquire them would probably have to be well North of their Market cap. As others have said, MS could acquire about 4 other good publishers for what it would probably cost to get EA.


I dont disagree, but I think its an interesting move for MS.

You know Amazon, Apple, Facebook, etc will be “kicking the tires” on these companies as well.

This is a company that owns The Sims, Battlefield, and whilst FIFA and Madden may be stagnating in terms of gameplay, they and the aforementioned ones generate a shit-ton of money, which likely covers an under-performing title like Anthem.

Given that The Sims and the sports games will definitely remain multi-plat, I don’t see much left that’d make it worthwhile. Bioware & Respawn making Xbox exclusives would be nice, but I think the overall cost is too high.

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I don’t think EA would be worth the 40 billion + it would cost to acquire them plus they’re publicly traded and MS would also have to fend off Google, Amazon and Tencent in a bidding war, seems like too much trouble tbh

Capcom would be worth it because it further cement them as being able to deliver an AAA quality game every 3-4 months although they can probably pull that off right now

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I don’t know why anyone is even entertaining the idea about Microsoft buying EA lmao, like what are you guys thinking

I think the OP maybe under-evaluated EA. Like if it was around the same price as Bethesda it’d be a no brainer but 40+ billion …this ain’t it Chief

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Only in gaming forums can people think EA is underperforming.

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I dont know why its so farfetched to you guys. MS is aiming to win gaming, essentially.

Hell, MS was actively in talks years ago w/ EA. We know this. We got confirmation of this.

I think the price makes it far-fetched. I’m not saying it’s impossible or that MS wouldn’t do it, but I know I wouldn’t if I was them.

If I was authorized to drop 40+ billion, I would go after a lot of other players before I would go after EA and I think the impact would be much, much greater. Just my 2 cents.

who could they possibly acquire that would be as big of an impact as EA. Think bigger than just hardcore gaming circles! i say that as someone who is dying for capcom myself

Well, years ago tencent paid Epic 300 odd million dollars to get 40% of the company. This year Sony paid 250 million dollars to get around 1.5% of the same. These companies are growing at an insane rate, so just because there were talks about ms and EA years ago doesn’t mean the valuation is still the same, granted even MS grew but let’s not kid ourselves, it’d be incredibly stupid of MS to pay upwards of 30 to 40 billion for EA of all. That’s 5 times the money they paid for Bethesda. So yeah, it’s fun to think about this lol but EA is just not happening.

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Ubisoft, TakeTwo, Capcom, Sega, etc. I think you could get all of those combined for less than it would cost to get EA. Individually I don’t think any of those would have the same impact, but cumulatively I don’t see how it wouldn’t.

This is all fairytale dream stuff anyway and it’s fine if you think I’m dead wrong. We could go down the lists and compare which games are “better” or more culturally relevant, but I honesty just don’t want to. :smile:

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EA net revenue from Ultimate Team alone was $1.5 billion on FY2020.

Edit: And that’s without a basketball game!

MS also grew to be a trillion dollar company. Not a great counter argument :stuck_out_tongue:

After that Zenimax deal I cant doubt Microsoft when it comes to making a major studio or publisher aquistion, EA does have a hefty price tag on them, EA play on Gamepass with no extra charge seem like a blimp on the radar that screams possible aquistion.


Its just makes sense for ea because it gets people to buy their games and spend more money on them.

With 40 billion they can get T2, Capcom, Sega and few more studios like Techland, Asobo, IOI, Bungie ect.

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Well when you put it that way LOL

Id rather that obvvy but, that might be anti competitive at that point lol