Can we please get page separation of post or something?

on mobile its ridiculous to have to filter/slider through 300+ post I couldn’t imagine a huge OT of 5000+.

Tried using this button?

On PC/Mac Browser I do not have that counter btw. I only have the time line slider. Is there a chance to get that comment counter on PC/Mac web browsers too?

And while I am here, is there a chance we will get a button to set the forum on READ ?

Above posted is from mobile view, on desktop you will have a bit different slider but the count is there, in example below it’s 181/249. If you click on 23m ago, it will take you to the last post in the topic (if you don’t want to scroll).

OMG I am blind :sunglasses:

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Lol :smile:.

Okay, back at home with full fledged browser. Not so blind after all as you can’t “click” on the numbers to open a GoTo dialog. To be able to do that would be my feature request here.

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I’ll use this thread as I can’t make a new one.

Can we get pages instead of infinite scroll as an option? It’s cool to have infinite scroll, but I find myself not bothering to go back and check older posts as there’s no clear break line. For example, on Era I’d go a few pages back and read to the end. So leave infinite scroll as a default option but add pages as an alternative :hugs:

There is no option for classic pages. If you like jumping a few “pages” back and read from there you can use a slider on the right and skip to some point. It will even show you how many posts are you scrolling past. The great thing about it is that will display “back” on the slider if you want to jump back to the point from which you started reading older posts.