Can we make ignored users work both ways?

Unfortunately, when you put a user on ignore, they can still see (and respond) to you. Most of the time, this doesn’t matter. You don’t see it. But when someone else responds to their response, then it gets in the way. Unfortunately, there is one user who has become completely obsessed with harassing me for every opinion I express. It’s become a real problem. Happens from this one user multiple times a week and that’s only the ones I see, because a 3rd party responds to it!

Can we make this like Twitter, where if you block someone, you don’t see them and they don’t see you? We need to be able to completely protect ourselves from toxic individuals.

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Ignore function works until someone quotes post made by ignored person. The reason for this behavior is Quick Quote functionality requested by community, which is not part of the core forum functions, and probably reason why you can see content from members you put on ignore.

Quick Quote has no options to fine tune ignored content and we will follow up on this with developers to see if there is a way to solve this in future updates. I agree, it makes sense if you ignore someone, you should not see any content or interactions from that user at all.

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This concerns me. Can you please drop both myself and @OneBadMutha a DM so we can take a look? Any detail/examples you can provide is appreciated.