Can we get some Backwards compatibility gameplay footage?

Like everyone else its a bit frustrating seeing next to nothing in the way of game play footage running on series x.

Microsoft employees have had and been using the console for months now and telling us how awesome the backwards compatibility is.

I don’t doubt this at all but why can’t they show us. I would love to see FH4, Gears, Sea of thieves etc running at 4K60, 4K120 with all the bells and whistles.

I’m hoping at launch these major titles will also have some substantial added content to go with the graphical upgrades.

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Yeah. I definitely feel that the messaging from Microsoft (and Sony too) about their new consoles has really fallen apart. I know, Covid is a big deal. I know, no-one has money or (outside of places like this) the attention to devote to new expensive pieces of plastic. But maybe that’s a reason to… really… push things harder?! Because right now I can’t see a reason to get either.


I dont get why people are so obcessed with native console footage, the consoles are just tweaked PCs, console footage is not going to look much different especially regarding cross gen games.

I saw the thread title, and got excited that finally there was something shown running.

But alas, my hopes were crushed once again.

tell me about it! just show us something

I am with you ultimately in that I know the specs of the hardware and what it should be capable of. However, I understand people want to be assured that what they see is what they will be getting in November.

Thats a separate issue though, I too want to know about when games are launching for xsx

If people want to know what games like sea of theives, gears 5, forza H4 etc etc just go look at some footage of those games running on a 2080, they will be very similar.

Sometimes a cake is just a cake.

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I think more so than how they look, people are itching to see how they are experienced. Much of this has to do with quick loading.

I was playing through DMC5 before it was taken off GP, and wondered how quick each level would load. I played Tekken 7 and tried guessing how quick it would be.

Seeing how HDR is implemented in classics like Panzer Dragoon Sorta or Geometry Wars is not something I can see on PC either. Seeing how fast say, the Master Chief Collection cold boots would be really interesting.
SSDs on PC can get fast but they lack the optimizations these consoles have.

I want to be excited by them cold booting Halo MCC, starting up a local MP match in Halo 3 and seeing Valhalla load in 2 seconds.

There doesn’t need to be a lot of attention put on it, something like this would do:

They did with Digital Foundry before the pandemic hit. Gears 5 and Minecraft.


For sure it would be nice to see more gameplay footage from the Series X. You have to wonder if MS is holding back a big blowout because of this ‘who goes first on price’ game they seem to be playing with Sony. At least I hope they have more to show anyway :crossed_fingers:

Updated the thread title to be less…confusing

Don’t get me wrong, I’m hyped about xbox series x, I’ll buy it day one.

But at the same time, I don’t think I’ve seen anything from Microsoft or Sony gameplay wise that has excited me & made me go wow.

But on the plus side I have a lot of games I’m interested in coming out, that I want to play.

THPS1+2, Crash 4, Yakuza: like a dragon, cyberpunk 2077, dragon quest 11, Ascent, scarlet nexus, tales of Arise (is this still coming this year?)

& free enhancements for games I love, like gears 5, forza horizon 4 & sea of thieves. (hope SOT gets improved load times, I would honestly play it a lot more) I can’t wait to see the improvements & hope they showcase them soon :)!

We’ve already seen Gears 5, and Spencer said that they’d be showing more probably in August (but then a few days later Jeff Grubb or someone said that their August plans were moved to September).

I know it’s kind of hard right now, but honestly, we just have to be patient. It’s August. We already know they’re having another showcase in September, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they had one more after that before launch as well. By the time the Series X is coming out, we will have seen PLENTY of gameplay footage.

But yes, I agree that the wait has been exhausting, and I’d say we’re probably at the low point of hype for next-gen. But it will only build from here, leading up to launch day.

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There really is a lot they haven’t shown, it’s kinda perplexing to be honest. My only guess is that they’re saving up a lot of footage to show off for comparisons when Lockhart gets officially announced.