Can someone recommend a great farming/life/management simulator?

Stardew Valley is one of my favorite stress relieving games of the last few years, but I’ve played it so many times, it just isn’t the same anymore.

I’ve tried other games and they haven’t clicked, for one reason or another. This includes games like Graveyard Keeper (overwhelmed by too many systems), Animal Crossing, Ooblets (may give this one a go again), The Good Life, and I only gotten a short way into Dragon Quest Builders (I’ve played both one and two).

I love the idea of Rune Factory, but I have the newest one and couldn’t get invested.

Thanks in advance!

Sounds like you need some Viva Pinata friend

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I think Slime Rancher is seen as one, right? I used to not care at all about these kind of games, but Slime Rancher changed that completely. Definitely check that out. There’s a Game Preview of 2, so see if that’s your jam.

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If you’re into creating a dynasty style fantasy, Crusader Kings III may tickle your fancy. It may not be for everyone and the gameplay mechanics may be overwhelming, but I’m it’s a vet good game.

  • Story of Seasons
  • Farm Together
  • Spiritfarer
  • Grow:Song of Evertree

New Disney Dreamlight Valley game is decent. I haven’t played Rune Factory 5, but I played through 4 twice and enjoyed it. If you have a particular type of brain that enjoys “number go up” or “goopy goblin brain” as my friend puts it, you might give Nobody Saves the World or Rogue Legacy 2 a shot.

Vampire Survivors is a very good PC game that I don’t think is too demanding hardware-wise.

NSTW, VS, and DDV are on Game Pass.

I’m in Grow: The Evertree, but I have no idea what I was doing when I put it down, so I’m just wandering around. Is there a place in that game to go to get an idea what to do? I’d started building houses for people, but that’s all I remember.

I started Spiritfarer, too, but bounced off.

To the next responder, I beat Rogue Legacy 2 (main story, that is).

I second Slime Rancher and Viva Pinata. And the obvious recommendation is of course Minecraft.

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Get a Nintendo Switch

Graveyard Keeper (for spooky season)

MindScanner on GamePass was a hidden gem for me and my wife.

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I have one

Do you have a PC/laptop? Coral Island launches today and looks like it could be for you.

I’m on the Discord for it! I’d hoped the game would come to console Game Pass, but this is probably exactly what I want.

Aaaaaaaand…. Not available on console (not even to purchase—not available at all for console). Welp, I’m now angry instead of excited. Gonna skip this one entirely.

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Looks like it’s announced for console. Perhaps they are just limiting the Game Preview to PC?

Doesn’t matter. I’m not a priority for them, so they’re not a priority for me anymore.

There are just too many games to play to wait for a developer who doesn’t think I’m worth the investment. I can go to work and get paid to be treated that way.

So you have many options for these types of games you want i think