Calling it now: Call of Duty will (in the next 3 years) launch on Gamepass Day One

I don’t think so, not in three years at least.

Sure it could happen. 20 million copies assuming every one is sold for $60 is $1.2B…But wait…10-12 million copies are sold on PlayStation and PC leaving only 8 million copies for Xbox. So to buy out every single copy for your platform is only $480 million.

But wait…Microsoft would normally takes 1/3rd of that…So what if they said “This year we’ll wave that fee” making the buy in only $320 million.

And what if Microsoft says “we want it on Xcloud and introduce FIFA to billions of tablets and phones Which we think will be worth 100m in MTX and massively increase FIFA users. Can we agree to $250 million?”

So for a quarter billion (which to put into context is 1/30th of the Bethesda purchase) Microsoft can claim Europe and the Android /IOS markets for Soccer. Worth it no? How many subscriptions is that?

About 2.5 months of current Gamepass subscribers.

Now imagine 4 years time, Gamepass is in the 60s or 70m and its only a months worth of dough.

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I dunno man, Activision are a different breed and play by their own rules. I can’t see them putting anything on Gamepass, even older games.

Yeah maybe. Didn’t think about that.

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Sekiro’s coming tho :smirk:

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Really well that’d be big, not for me though nearly killed a controller over The owl fight. I really gotta stay away from that game :joy:

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