Call of Duty: Vanguard beta Xbox Series X/S is unplayable

I’ve played the beta yesterday shortly and a lot longer today and I don’t have these weird effects.

Tweet said it was tied to 120 Hz refresh rate regardless of resolution. Maybe they did a quick patch?

I got my XSX set to 120hz, but I turned it off in the game itself so I have a more crisp picture. A patch is definitely possible, yep.

Gotta say that I like the gore in this, it’s something I’ve always wanted to see in this franchise and here it is. Arms go off, even saw a soldier without head, haha, damn. And I noticed much more destruction too, which is cool.

I felt curious and YouTube searched vanguard to just see how the game plays like and right off the bat, really, why the hell is everything so goddamn instant in this game? Like millisecond TTKs, just point and shoot, whoever sees you first gets the kill, like Wtf, who can even enjoy this nonsense lmao. I’m glad to have my convictions to never touch this franchise be validated even more.

Video starts with someone asking him “what do you think of the game so far?” and he’s like “well I haven’t played the game yet so right now I like it better than the other 3 cods that came recently”.

:joy::sob: I’m deceased.

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The really shortened TTKs is the reason I stopped COD and switched to Halo. Hardcore mode was more than enough if they wanted instant kills.

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Fr, Halo Infinite is mad refreshing to play in a sea of this sweaty nonsense. Not that Halo can’t get sweaty, of course but overall, it’s just nice to play something where you aren’t already dead by the moment you turn around to see someone is shooting at you.


Exactly, it is much more skill based, contrary to leaving everything to chance.


OP just listen to this song while you play :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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They released a patch

The game is trash, played about 4 matches when it first came out knew it was going to be bad just from those 4 games and cancelled my preorder and deleted the beta. Last time I played cod was MW2019 and looks like this year will be another skip for me. Halo and Battlfield 2042 has me covered so no loss for me.

There is room for both though. Fast TTK changes the sort of skill - rather than being mainly about gunplay the skill comes down to movement and map knowledge.

Halo adds in the gunplay and the map knowledge and control and a broader set of combat skills - melee, grenade etc far more critical.

But honestly for me there is room for both types of game. I’d not say either is sweatier than the other. COD is probably easier for a new player to pick up and do ok. But high level both are hard games to master. I don’t think Vanguard is any good and I’ve fallen in and out with COD over the last decade, mainly out but there is still room for that style of game. Its why I love Battlefield in that the game is more or less (in the infantry stuff) pure gunplay skill. Its about position and gunplay and its organic. But I do find the iterations on old school arena stuff - COD and Halo as examples that have moved in two directions super interesting. Quake 3 arena and UT basically spawned both Halo and Call of Duty and both took different elements from that genre and embedded them at their core of their games. Its why I find games history so fascinating. Who’d have though that the MP of these two games and franchises is ‘inspired’ more or less by the same PC games.

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I agree there’s room for both lol never denied that, just that for me, Halo fills a better niche and is personally more fun to play for the kind of gamer I am and the skill level I have. I’m not great at PvP multiplayer games, and CoD’s fast TTK means the learning curve is steeper from the get go whereas Halo’s more slower pace allows for more expression and learning at least in my experience. I still anticipate not playing Halo MP as much as I play the campaign heavily but just occasionally drop into MP. But who knows, my opinion might change at launch lol

See I think COD is more friendly to less able players than Halo. Perhaps its perception where you die fast in COD so it feels more ‘pointless’ but I think the fast TTK means you can find a way to hold your own more easily than in Halo or Destiny where however good you are at positioning and map movement the higher skilled player usually wins out.

That’s my view. Its why COD’s popularity rocketed because most players can do ok in those games after a little practice whereas Halo is probably more challenging all round for newer players. When they added jet packs or whatever into COD they lost some of the audience because that increased that skill gap.

For me BF is the best and most ‘casual friendly’ game as it offers combat at your own pace and your own style and it almost always will work. It also has enough going on that you can distract the enemy more easily.


Thanks for sharing this. I have never played any of the three in MP mode, and this is good stuff to know.

Played a few matches again, it’s a beta so issues can be forgiven, but there’s stuff in here that the Cold War beta had as well.

The game freezing, then totally turning off the XSX console. With no other game I got such bullshit, but it’s CoD beta time again and the issue is back, lol.

Even though it was apparently patched there are also plenty of visual glitches.