Buying Forza Horizon 5 credits? Looking for advice

I was looking to buy credits for Forza Horizon 5 on my Series X and saw them being sold on websites like iggm etc, and I haven’t done this before.

Can anyone let me know if it’s legit, and if so how does it work? What would I need to do to make sure I could claim them after paying the money? Is there a best place to buy them? Thanks in advance

Why not just get Game Pass? Pretty sure there’s a $1 deal on at the moment.

I bought the game outright, I’m just looking to buy credits so I can get some nice cars for the kid to play with. So I saw websites selling credits for FH5 and was wondering if it’s safe to buy them or not. If it is safe, how do I do it?

Sorry, misread your question. There’s no official micro transaction to buy in-game Forza credits so I doubt it’s legit.

Yeah, no.

What cars you looking for?

Bugatti and koenigsegg

Your kids have good tastes, lol. I’ll check my garage next tim I play, happy to gift you something if I’ve got it.

This is the websites that have it. Not trying to promote the site, but it might explain what I was looking at.

I was assuming that people earn the credits and the sell them for a profit? I am then assuming they “gift” you the credits once you have bought them?

You can’t “gift” credits in the game.

That’s very generous of you. I don’t want you not to be able to cruise Mexico in a Bugatti lol

So how would you be able to claim the credits then? If you can of course.


Yeah, no. There isn’t any way someone can give you credit in the game so that’s probably a scam. There’s ways you can farm credit and XP that will give you Wheelspins as well, as the one posted above. I managed to get 6m doing it you can get much more easily

is there a non-glitch/scam way to make good money fast?

The AFK method is not a glitch, it’s just leveraging the accessibility system + EventLab together. And you can make good money with it.


The afk method is an accessibility technique being used by everyone. Not really a glitch.

I just saw the thumbnail calling it AFK glitch lol, that’s why I said that. :sweat_smile:


I didn’t know the MF clickbaiting hard. It’s ironic because calling it a glitch would disincentivize some people from ever clicking on it in fear of using that glitch resulting in their account getting banned, or game breaking, or the glitch being patched, etc. So he’s actually making it worse for himself lol

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This is the best I’ve found, relatively fast (4 mins /lap) you can test 1 or 3 laps and see if you like what you got

And don’t forget the difficulty options, auto steering - assisted breaking, etc.


And speeds upwards of 200km/hr