Bungie announces Destiny 2 showcase for August 23rd

Can’t wait to see what paid content they’re taking away from gamers next… :troll:


I liked the first Destiny. The outfits in the second one are cool but when I jumped into it after it went f2p I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. It threw a lot of info and quests at me and when I had started doing the original missions the game launched with, I didn’t think they were actually worth doing because the gear you’re rewarded with wasn’t good. It seemed like all the really good stuff were locked behind the expansions.

Probably should have played them while they were still on Game Pass.

I love Destiny 2, but after 750+ hours I just had my fill of it. Can’t imagine what they could do to bring me back at this point short of moving on to Destiny 3.

Destiny 3, as a game name is never happening. They only want one game going forward.

Destiny 3, as a planned release, already happened. That was Beyond Light. Beyond Light was originally Destiny 3. It’s a significantly newer and updated engine and none of the existing D2 content was compatible with it - they had to hand port EVERYTHING over to the 3.x engine, including even basic stuff like Public Events and Lost Sectors because they changed how scripting worked. The Red War campaign doesn’t even run in the current Destiny engine. (Think of the vaulted stuff, outside of story reasons, as basically stuff they didn’t port over to the new engine)

This is why every place has massively upgraded lighting, more enemy density, and now you can dynamically join someone on a patrol or the Tower without reloading the entire map by going to orbit and coming back down. Amongst many other features. But tl;dr, you are literally already playing Destiny 3.

This isn’t a secret either, they publically confirmed it on their site and multiple interviews.