Buddy sold his Chromecast, forgot to remove account, danger?

I am asking this for my friend because he’s going nuts over here. He has sold his Chromecast 4K Google TV and totally forgot to reset and/or remove his account. He immediately changed his Google password and he’s already using 2 step verification for years.

He immediately contacted the buyer, but no response. But if a Chromecast is used by a different IP address, shouldn’t it give my friend a notification that someone is trying to log in? I mean he changed his password right away, and on his Google devices such as his TV and phone he immediately received a notice about changed password.

All should be well? He can’t access the main menu, use the apps like Prime, Netflix Disney etc?

And I guess the buyer will have to reset the Chromecast?

If he’s worried it’d probably make sense to contact support and see if there’s something they can do on the back end.

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Nothing wrong with some extra certainty, true that.

I mean it should be fine now. As soon as he changed his Google password his TV logged out (Google OS), his Galaxy Tab did too. No reason Chromecast shouldn’t have too. But let’s see.

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Go to https://myaccount.google.com/device-activity. Make sure that you’re signed into the same Google Account as on your Chromecast with Google TV. Select the Google TV that you’d like to remove from your account Sign out Sign out.


Yep. It had two sessions for Chromecast and both were signed. That must have been when the password was changed. But just to be sure I’ve also removed the Chromecast as registered device from Prime.