Brie Larson teaches Tessa Thompson how to play Fortnite

Fun for Brie and fortnite fans.

However the thing that I was thinking about when watching this is that this is why SeriesS and game streaming is such a great idea.

Brie was playing the switch version Which runs at 30fps, Brie probably does not know or care what 30fps is. There are probably tens of millions of gamers like brie where streaming and SerieS would be great for them.


Not really a fan of Fortnite but I do like Tessa. Remember her in Veronica Mars :blush:

Obviously I’ve seen her in a few things since.

I think it’s cool to see stuff like this because it does help with making a wider group of people aware of gaming as an activity that normal people do.

wish celebs would play good games for once


Yeah … I’m not a big fan of celebs and influencers playing or talking about videogames only when they are “trendy” or “popular”. These people will always play Animal Crossing or Fortnite, but never games like Halo or Pikmin, because that would be too “nerdy” and “weird” and instead we have late night hosts making fun of people who enjoy video games.

I would love if there were more celebs like Matthew Perry talking about how much he liked Fallout 3 on Ellen. That’s the kind of representation the industry needs.

That’s the only reason they’re playing them. Henry Cavil is a proper gamer.

Lol looks like no one read the op.

I read what you said about frame rate and most people not caring, and I do think the majority of people don’t care so long as it works and is fun. My nephews don’t know what a frame is but want to play Minecraft wherever or however they can.

All the people who played Farmville and all the Facebook games probably wouldn’t care much about anything than price and ease of getting to games either. I think having an entry level console made perfect sense for Xbox.