Bonnie Ross (343 Industries) apologizes fans for Halo Infinite delay

Understandable just make it the best it can be


I don’t think you could have a “hotter” seat than hers right now.

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IN retrospect we should have seen this coming when the demo didn’t have ray tracing. That’s probably a big part of why it looked off.

Imagine playing a modern game without bump mapping. There’s an awesome series of videos on youtube where a guy adds ray tracing to the mcc games and it is almost a generation leap in some cases.

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That and the fact they showed so little of the game. Almost like they didn’t want to show more…

A link to the Twitter post would be helpful.

Don’t envy the stress the leads at 343 are under right now. In the future, I hope Microsoft is less committal to release dates until they are close to release for the sake of their developers. Understand why they announced this due to a console launch. No need to give dates more than 6 months out going forward.

I think that after the release of halo we are going to so some major changes in 343.

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if its successful maybe not but if it disappoints yea defintely

To be fair, there is a limit on how much I want them to show ahead of time. They showed off part of a mission, some vehicles, new mechanics, a lot more weapons than I expected, new enemy behaviors, a hint of how large the map is, and an intro to the main enemy. That’s a pretty good chunk. I can’t wait to be able to experience it for myself. If you mean have them show multiplayer, then ok, they were going to show that this month from what I had understood, but maybe that is changing now.


I think no matter what people gonna leave, for mental health or direction changes in the studio.

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Yea just how substantial is the question

This isn’t the first time she’s apologized. Frankly, I believe she has no idea how to run a studio and I have no idea how she became studio head in the first place. Also, with this apology I expect there will be some changing of seats at the top for 343.

Imagine if Social Media was around at the time that the Halo 2 development shit show was happening.


This game, from the outset, was always planned to release in 2020. That’s why it was given dev time longer than any previous Halo game. 343 just failed to deliver, again.

I will forgive them if infinite sees a noticeable improvement in graphics.

Also if we knew the actual scale and scope of the project than the delay could be understandable despite the 5 years of development.

Bonnie must have some serious dirt on Spencer to still have that job. 343 has had some pretty serious missteps under her leadership.

We forgive you, king.

Again, and louder for those in the back.

Calling for a person to be fired/removed due to your perceived misgivings is not okay, and is unacceptable on this forum. Further posts in this vein will be moderated, and you may find yourselves in a timeout, regardless of your personal thoughts on the matter.


Yeah, it’s not a like a f-ing pandemic or something just happened to screw up the entire work flow process etc., Goodness…