Boiling Point

Earlier last year, I was asked to help design a map in partnership with Adobe, Halo and Twitch. Due to time constraints and the theme chosen by the community, I made Eboda Temple.

Unfortunately, it was not performant due to the high object count on the map. I wanted to revisit the design, which is a fairly unique take on an inverse symmetrical map, and a) make it extremely performant, and b) highly detailed.

Boiling Point has seen some siginificant changes, with expanded side rooms to either side of the base thanks to some input from my long-time collaborator and level design guru, BlazeDillon. I also sought some assistance from a scripting expert for the lifts on either side on “mid” - in steps HAYDN est1999, who kindly spent a few evenings testing and scripting them with me.

Gold modes for this one are obviously 4v4 CTF, Slayer, KOTH and oddball.

As always, thanks for playing and hit me up with any feedback!

<3 Sik


Looks pretty awesome :clap:

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