Blue Box Game Studios abandoned Abandoned?


Push Square has article about Abandoned, the developer and project that swept through the hordes of social media and even generated some bets involving body parts in the forums.

Clearly there’s no game here, and we can’t imagine Abandoned will ever release. But it raises an interesting question about how an unknown studio managed to go viral around the world, and even release an app on the PS Store. It’s an incredible story in hindsight, and it speaks to the power of social media.


Blue Box abandoned their game…

Kojima abanonded his studio…


They will stay silently on the hill


Oh a lot of people have egg on their face after convincing themselves of wild things about this studio.

There is literally no news here, the article is just wanting to remind people that this game is/was a thing

Grade A journalism

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Would hardly be the first time some dev made ambitious promises that turned out to be vaporware.

The question is how did they get featured on the PS Blog and a trailer app released on the store? This guy is just exceptionally good at convincing Sony that it’s a real studio and game?


Maybe Sony enjoyed the amount of trending it got due to Silent Hill and Kojima, it was probably beneficial for them.

that high level marketing from hasan kahraman :joy::joy::joy:


Microsoft should pick up this game instead. There was a lot of hype with this game and it would be a boon for the Xbox, if MS was to bring this game out, instead of Sony.

There is no actual game, the screenshots were just from existing asset packs. It’s vaporware.


This truly is just an all around mess, lordy lord.

The Blue Box conspiracy was a dangerous cocktail of Sony fans thirsty for news and Kojima’s regular posse of delusional fans.

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Y’all doubting Kojima for no reason :phil_unsure:

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This is just nothing but a damn joke. At least the Kojoma rumors have ceased.

No. Do not touch this scam. I’m not sure how but Sony got grifted hard here.

The ONLY reason there was hype for this is because of fanboys saying it was secretly PS5 exclusive Silent Hill by Kojima / Sony Japan Studio (RIP). If Xbox picks it up everyone would lose all interest.



The only reason people care is because they got it into their heads it was another Kojima ruse, everything about this looks dodgy and MS shouldn’t involve themselves in things purely for hype, sometimes they absolutely should and I feel Sony do a better job of this but this is not one of those times

Avoid this like the plague

Lol too bad a certain someone isnt on the forum anymore to see his reaction but what a joke this is

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Even if Abandoned hasn’t been abandoned, it probably should be abandoned. What a clusterfuck from the very start. SMH.

Nah bro, Kojima was behind Firesprite this whole time