Blizzard's Mike Ybarra details company's efforts to 'rebuild your trust'


They’re a specialist GM at Blizzard. It’s not the same article but Jez’s article is linked in the one OP posted. ActiBlizz hasn’t really released anything lately im personally into besides Crash, Spyro and Tony Hawk so the whole acquisition news has mostly been whatever to me. But as long as the people at ActiBlizz can work while feeling safe, free from harassment would be enough for me to feel satisfied about the acquisition.


Totally agree. No company can guarantee a job for life, but they should guarantee a safe working environment.


To hell with “our trust” Ybarra. Let’s rebuild your workers and other devs in the industries Trust in Actiblizz first shall we??

Once that odious waste of blood and organs Kotick has gone.

I have very little trust in ActiBlizz management while the old ones are still there.


Mike should step down and give the job to Jen Oneal, if she wants it anyway.

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I like Mike but I hope they repair their relationship with Jen as well. She’d be a great lead for ABK proper, or at the least to bring VV back.

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