Bleeding Edge not receiving any further updates, servers remain online

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I wish they had tried to do some sort of 4-player campaign levels, like a 3D beat ‘em up. Oh well.

Not surprised, the game never took off, and tbh, wasn’t particularly good imo. Hopefully they can help these other projects come sooner and be better ! :slight_smile:

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Shame. Really loved the game but this was kind of expected given how long they were taking with updates.

Though while Ioved the game I don’t see why they launched when it did. It was a packed year. There was no need to rush to launch in an incomplete state, and with the extra time they could have made something really special.

I really wanted to like it, but nah. It was too slow, and confusing at the same time. Matches were not very exciting and the entire genre is tbf unappealing to most people and not at all what we want from Ninja Theory. I think that also affected peoples opinions going in.

They had some good characters though, shame.

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To add to this, the game would have fared better as a release title for the Series X|S and packed with more content at launch.


Yeah, or even if they decided to skip the launch craze a late January or early February release could been good for the hype.

Though I can only assume that while the team wanted to finish the game they also wanted to get done with it asap given how other studios handled similar projects.

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I appreciate Ninja Theory trying something new but…its probably best to pretend this didn’t happen. I’m glad they decided to fully focus on Hellblade 2, more manpower, resources toward their crown jewel

It’s cool that they’re keeping it online-- for now anyway. And if this is the game they wanted to make, it’s the game they wanted to make.

What’s bittersweet for me is thinking about how when a game like this goes offline, everything that game was is gone forever. Single-player games may flop, but those games can be rediscovered years later, re-evaluated by future generations of players, maybe even become cult classics. That possibility remains on the table. Once this game’s time is done, it’s gone forever.

Saw this coming for quite a while. The combat wasn’t bad but there was barely any content in the game. After getting all the achievements there wasn’t a reason for me to continue playing the game and I quickly dropped it. If they actually delivered a complete product on launch it may have done a lot better. Anyway, it’s nice that they experimented and hopefully, they learn from the mistakes they made with this game.

Perhaps they could’ve done something similar to what’s happening with Destruction All-Stars and offer it with Games with Gold alongside Xbox Game Pass. I think that could’ve somewhat helped.

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Think i have about 20 matches in this game. Enjoyed it, but there are other and better games to play. But im happy there is still room for initiatives like this. On to the next one :slight_smile: