BlazBlue & Guilty Gear: Strive coming to Xbox Spring 2023

I’ll add the trailers once it’s up.


Nice, Strive will also have crossplay!


I don’t mind waiting. I got to start cleaning my backlog. This year is cleaning your backlog or else we will be loaded once again.

I’ll try Cross Tag Battle just because Senran Kagura characters are in it, but I’m rotten at fighting games.

I wonder if Playstation will put Guilty Gear in PS+ too

Fucking finally!. I already have both on PS4 but I’m willing to double dip (at least for GG strive). I always found it to be a slap in the face for Crosstag not being available on xbox considering there are RWBY characters in it, and Rooster Teeth’s connection to Xbox.

“We have a service?”

This is great news. I hope they both come with DLC included as well.


I love everything about fighting games, just a shame I’m terrible at them and they never retain my attention. Looks good tho.

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