Blaster Master Zero 1 and 2 Coming To Xbox In Time For BMZ3

Awesome news! I’ve said this before, but these games were my absolute favourite Switch eshop games. For $10 (+ 20% launch discount for Xbox), You get a 7-8 hour long (each) metroidvania-lite experience with amazing pixel art graphics, awesome music, really fun boss fights, and a decently intriguing story with gorgeous pixel art cutscenes. The first game is a sort-of remake of Blaster Master on NES, so anyone with nostalgia for that will 100% love it as well. I’m definitely gonna buy these and get refreshed on the story for BMZ3 (the finale game, so they say)

If you skip ahead a bit in this video, you can see some gameplay of the upcoming 3rd game, though they don’t show the on-foot segments which play completely different from the tank segments.


Man, you said it, I beat the first game and I’m still not sure how the on-foot segments work :laughing:

Glad to see more games coming to Xbox!

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Awesome! I’ll have to check these out

I liked the first, didn’t like the second all that much for some reason. Played on Switch, definitely worth at least checking out.

It was the reverse for me. 2nd game fixed the backtracking problems of the first by having a world map, had better/harder on foot segments, and had a more interesting story.

Oh, looking forward to this. Haven’t played a Blaster Master since the original NES game.

Haven’t played 2 but 1 is great. Would be awesome to get the first two on GP for people to try before 3 comes out.

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First game I ever beat on NES? Blaster Master. Followed by Operation Wolf and then Double Dragon and Legend of Zelda. In any case, Blaster Master is an absolute classic and crazy underrated for a classic game.

I guess the Gal Gun situation didn’t hurt Inti Creates’ business with Xbox :slight_smile:

When Gal Gun got cancelled on Xbox I was saying MS should take the opportunity to help Inti get their much better games on Xbox instead… Whether or not this was MS’s doing, I don’t know, but it’s nice to see there was no bad blood over that situation. (“Improved” blood, really, considering Xbox is getting BMZ3 day and date with other platforms)

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Feeling pretty wishy-washy over this. BMZ was cute and I want to support more of these games on the platform, and eight bucks isn’t a TON but also I already beat it and probably wouldn’t ever fire it up =/

Nice! Wasn’t happy when BMZ3 got announced for Xbox, now I’m happy with all 3 BMZ <3

Microsoft should treat these new comer franchises with extra love, cause its fanbase are on other platforms and needs something special to get their attention and play these games on Xbox.

Maybe support the devs to develop some sort of expansions/ DLCs for Xbox version?

BMZ3 is coming at the end of July and is a brand new entry, and if you didn’t play 2, I found it leaps and bounds better than 1.

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