Bioshock Collection on Xbox One X is a disaster

As many of you know the Bioshock Collection got a OneX patch this year… its terrible!

Constant stutter to no end ever since the patch, it is a total mess and a real let down with no word on any fix from 2K… (Its been 5months)

Of course the Playstation versions fine and the Xbox version gets shafted as always.

Anyone else having this issue and have resolved it??? :pensive:

Glad I played these before they added that awful patch.

Yeah same. Just makes it incredibly awkward to replay.

Hopefully it’ll run better on Series X.

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Honestly I really hope so

To be honest its better to play the xbox 360 versions,you can ulock the framerate and It plays really well(At least Bioshock 1 and 2)

Is the framerate unlocked on One X? Because if yes, that should be promising for XSX.

Its not the framerate thats the issue. Its the forced connectivity to the 2k servers causing it because if u play in offline mode its fine. Its stupid

Yeah but graphically its pretty damn ugly now

Oh wow, that’s crazy. So it’s all up to 2k to fix this, XSX probably sadly won’t make any difference here.

Yeah its redicules

Odd. Maybe I’m not sensitive to it, but I didn’t have any issues in Bioshock 1 or Infinite. Haven’t tried to play the 2nd one again. I played on the One X. I was pretty shocked by how good they still look, especially Infinite. Sorry to hear you’re having issues. :frowning:

Weird considering its a widespread issue. Glad yours is fine tho