Bethesda is working on a five-year internal Roadmap for Fallout 76

Longer then I thought.

It sounds like MS are getting ready to divulge thier plans for Fallout. With what Grubb has been saying, I think there is a whole load of activity going on.

Would be cool if MS launched the Fallout universe at this years E3

I’m surprised as well, I wasn’t buying into the “the games dead” train but I certainly thought it was nearer the end than the beginning. They had talked previously about content plans covering next year, but I half wondered if that would be it. I’m pretty happy to hear they’ve got another 5 years of content planned though (jesus, if they go through with it all that’ll be 9 years of free updates), I mean, I’m STILL playing it after…I think nearly 800 hours at this point.
It’d be nice to see them expand on Fallout more but BGS definitely isn’t giving up the franchise to a new team and it’s probably too soon for any major spin-offs. But some remakes/remasters seem realistically possible.

At this point, it would be ideal to port FO76 to the Creation Engine 2 in time for the TV show (or at least some visuals upgrade of the Creation Engine 1) but that would represent a huge amount a work so it’s unlikely.

The Fallout 76 segment at E3 2021 was a little akward because of the graphics, characters models and animations in a show with plenty of next-gen games.

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Grubb has said an Obsidian Fallout game is happening, and I think Inxile are on something Fallout related as well

Early talks =/= happening… atleast not yet

Also, there is no credible leak/evidence to suggest InXile is working on a Fallout game.

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He followed it up by saying people had got in touch saying it was going ahead.

I mean its fallout, ms are not going to sit on the ip

When did he say that? I do not recall him saying anything along those lines in the latest XboxEra podcast.

True but if that’s the case it’s the earliest of early I mean it would be “beginning pre-production early”. Like I said, maybe a bit soon for any kind of major spin off (though I would love to be wrong and there’s something cooking away at inXile or somethin’).

I read it here via his twitter feed i think.

Here’s what Grubb said exactly in last podcast (timestampped):

According to him, discussions are definitely happening but it’s so early that it could morph into anything (Obsidian has ongoing projects first). He also heard about inXile but couldn’t verify and don’t know if it’s true.


I’m not the biggest fan of these online games and even though Fallout online isn’t for me, I’m happy to see for people that like Fallout 76 the game will have a lot more life in it.

It is crazy to think when this game launched how much it was hated and yet the team was able to turn it into something truly special.

So congratulations to the team and the gamers, too.

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Im skipping the current season as I have my hands full trying to play through Elden Ring and also finishing up on other games (damn you Gamepass!!!) But Ill definitely be playing again in the future! I have so much invested in F76 though on Xbox and having friends on PC wanting to play with me that I really hope they add crossplay soon, or that its at the very least on their roadmap. Being part of MS and MS’ ganes pretty much all being crossplay, youd think Bethesda games in general would adopt it across their entire lineup or at least plan for it.