Bethesda games get permanent price drops on the Microsoft Store

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A small selection of Bethesda games have received a permanent price drop on the Microsoft Store today.

The digital versions of Dishonored 2, Fallout 4 and Wolfenstein: Youngblood all got their prices cut by a range from 25% up to 33%. On top of those price drops, Game Pass subscribers also get to keep their 20% discount in case they want to own those games.

Check out below the full list of games that had their prices cut:


It seems that Steam also got those price drops.

PlayStation Store is still showing the games at their old prices.


Difficulties changing the price on Platform X, you don’t say.


Nice even though im primarily a game pass gamer now i will still occasional buy this if i really love the game.

On the other hand… Forza Horizon 4 got price increase in Poland (some time earlier, but I don’t know when exactly). On day one in 2018 it costed 249 zł (~$65/€55). Now it costs 299 zł (~$78/€65) and of course it’s not next-gen tax. New price point for next-gen games in Poland is 339 zł (~$88/€75).

Not nice Microsoft! Not nice…

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Nice, still $0 for me with Game Pass though… :wink: