Bethesda founder comments on Microsoft's acquisition of company, saying "What Microsoft owns, Sony cannot get"


Read the article and I agree with the comparison to MS buying Bungie. Having Doom, TES3, Fallout and Starfield as pillar franchises. These are monster heavy hitters some of them even eclipse Halo and Gears.

I’m still in disbelief somewhat over Microsoft owning fking Doom and Id Software, a heavy hitter franchise, a world class top tier developer and their Godly tech.


Anybody thats expects otherwise is setting themselves up for disappointment.

You don’t spend $7.5 Billion on ZeniMax/Bethesda to release their future games on PS5. You don’t spend that kind of money just to put them on Gamepass. Because if all they wanted was put those games on Gamepass (while still releasing them on PS5) then it would have been a hell of a lot cheaper to moneyhat a Gamepass agreement.


This quote is specifically talking about Microsoft buying Zenimax to make sure that they don’t get bought by Sony, but naturally that leads to Microsoft having exclusive rights to the games as well.

Man…if MS buys one more big publisher, imagine if they did buy Bungie…would Jim Ryan and co cave on letting Game Pass on the PS5?

Because you can bet your ass Nintendo would.

I find it funny how many people are in denial, if Sony bought the company people would just say ‘just buy a PS5 and you’ll get to play them’ but Microsoft does it and people go straight to talking about it coming to their platform nothing about buying a Xbox. It’s like people can’t even imagine owning a Xbox, it’s a sin why own a Xbox when you can just have a PS5.

These games will be exclusive to Xbox/PC/xCloud so you have so many options you don’t even have to buy a Xbox if that makes your skin crawl. People always said there was no reason to buy a Xbox well this seems like a pretty good reason if you’re a console gamer. But then again apparently everyone has a super good gaming rig so I don’t understand all the complaints they can just play on PC.

To the people saying they’ll miss out on money, that’s a silly argument because all these games upcoming are going to be next gen only so you can kiss the 120m PS4’s goodbye. We don’t know how big the sales are going to be for both consoles but I’m going to argue that the Xbox will sell A LOT better than the Xbox One.

Then you have xCloud and PC which dwarfs both PS5 & Xbox Series X, they don’t need to sell it on PS5 to make their money back. I haven’t even mentioned Game Pass yet which could explode. Game Pass needs big content like this and having it exclusive is even better. Making these games exclusive to Xbox will bring people into the Xbox ecosystem therefore pushing them into Game Pass.

TLDR; xCloud and PC dwarf Playstation and Xbox to the point Microsoft won’t need to put their games on PS5 to make their money back because there is billions of phones out in the world that they can target. That’s before they can start putting it on internert browsers and smart TV’s…


I wasn’t initially convinced that MS wouldn’t bring some of these games to other platforms, but the more I’ve thought about it, and listened to the community, the more I’m convinced this stuff will be exclusive.

Seems a waste to spend that kind of cash and not leverage the IPs and studios for further Game Pass subscriptions and getting folks into your ecosystem. The ZeniMax catalogue will end up being a major driver for new players coming to Game Pass and Xbox in general.

I personally think that selling to the 110+ million PS4 userbase makes sense for titles that can hit that platform. Just don’t release it on PS5. If they want to play with better graphics, upgrade your PC or buy an Xbox.

I think it would take a Japanese publisher for that to happen.

Could you Imagine the E3 2021?


Halo infinite Starfield Everwild AGE OF EMPIRES 4 STALKER 2 the initiative game

All coming to XBOX UNIVERSE the best Place to play

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Yep, and that’s not taking into account Game Pass coming to smart TVs, its only a matter of time. Samsung have a great relationship with MS right now, wouldn’t be surprised to see Game Pass on various Samsung TVs soon, maybe followed by LG.

Some people are saying that not releasing these games on PS4/5, MS is ‘leaving money on the table’ - by that logic, Sony are doing the same not releasing God of War and Uncharted on Xbox. Lots of denial going around right now, the anger and (finally) acceptance will follow.


Why give Sony cash when you can stream the games straight to the same TV that the PS5 is plugged into :wink:


:oh_wow_think: Lol

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I absolutely expect this to happen too. Have there been official words on this too or not yet?

Right now the server hardware for Xcloud is Xbox One S hardware, so it’s specifically meant for lower resolutions appropriate for mobile/tablet gameplay. But they will be upgrading to Series X hardware in the near future so I think we’ll start hearing about Xcloud on TVs after that.

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Samsung has been heavily a partner with Xbox and xCloud right now with the Galaxy phones and it seems like at some point the Samsung TV’s were the partner TV’s of Xbox. So it wouldn’t be too surprsing if Samsung TV’s are the first to get the xCloud app.

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Yep called it a while ago and way earlier before being on this forum. Expect SAMSUNG & XBOX partnership to go above and beyond.

Xbox Gamepass integrated in smart tvs with a conteoller offered

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Hope they go to LG soon after OLEDs are way too good to pass up :wink:

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More like Samsung and Microsoft have been getting really close over the years, and I think it is only a matter of time before we see Game Pass coming installed on Samsung TVs in the near future.

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I’m still in disbelief that Microsoft has not 100% confirmed these franchises will NEVER come to Playstation again. They are leaving things ambiguous and that damages the brand.

Samsung and Microsoft are not direct competitors(for now). If Surface Duo ever becomes a monster hit that might change.