Best wired or wireless headset across consoles and PC?

This maybe a stretch to far but with the expense of both consoles I am looking for a good all round headset that if possible I could use across the new consoles and maybe PC. I would prefer Wireless but wired is not a problem. I currently have an entry level Turtle Beach Wired that works on all. I have read a lot online but real gamers I trust more than what I’ve read.

Thanks in advance guys.

I’m looking for the same thing at the moment!

It seems the SteelSeries Pro or LucidSound LS50X are best of the bunch but seem pretty expensive. THere is also Astro A50s.

If having a wire of some kind isn’t an issue, get either the Platinum or Gold PlayStation Headset.

Wireless with PlayStation via dongle
Wireless with Switch via dongle
Wireless with PC via dongle (I’m fairly sure)
Wired into the Xbox One controller (so kinda wireless?)

Can’t go wrong really

Nice one sounds stupid but I don’t want to have different headsets for each console

Thanks a lot. I’ve seen the new PS5 Pulse and that looks good but my local Game are offering the Turtle Beach 600’s at reduced price with the XSX so I’ll check those out as well but Always had good experience with PlayStation headsets - cheers

That makes sense, it would be pretty expensive otherwise.

I’m in the same boat. I have the Lucidsounds LS41 and they are awesome on the PS4, Xbox and PC but they won’t be compatible with either the PS5 or Series X. The Sony pulse headset might work on the Series X but I question the build quality. I’ve been through 5 headsets this gen, including the Golds, with every one breaking around the strap on my big head :sweat_smile: plus mic quality is important to me. So I might need to wait and see how things look after launch.

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I have a G935 from Logitech.

It works with a proprietary USB dongle on Pc and on Xbox I connect through a controller cable (though when I first got it I tried used the dongle on Xbox and sometimes, very rarely it would work).

Sound quality on it is excellent for me, I don’t even use my HT setup for gaming anymore, and if supports the USB dongle on SX I think it would make it an excellent choice.

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Thanks for the info i’ll take a look at those.

On the subject on headsets, if I want to take advantage of the Dolby options on Series X… what are my options? I noticed my One X has both Atmos and Dolby X or something like that. What is the difference here and do I need a specific headset to take advantage of either of these things?

To use atmos, you’ll need to buy the app, which is the actual license. Atmos needs to be used in stereo mode, so as long as your headset supports a stereo mode, you should be all good.

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I’m going for an upgrade this next gen now with the Audeze Penrose X, the planar magnetic drivers in these are superb and unrivalled in sound quality.

They are a little pricey but worth it for me as gaming is my main hobby.

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I canot praise these from Beyerdynamic enough, bot for Console and PC:

Dolby Atmos works pretty great (mainly tested in Overwatch) and if you go ahead and put on Spotify “Music to test your earphones”, you’ll know you did not spend too much.