Best tablet for xcloud aspect ratio wise ? No black bars preferably

Hello fellow xcloud gamers. What tablets are you using and which ones have minimal or no black bars ??

I want the perfect cloud gaming device !

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I believe most (all?) games will stream with an aspect ratio of 16x9, but unfortunately that’s pretty much a dead aspect ratio when it comes to tablets. You’re probably better off accepting some minor black bars and choosing a tablet with a 16x10 aspect ratio, you’ll have lots more to choose from.

My wife has a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. It’s very nice and it’s 16x10. But that article linked by Proven seems like a good starting point in picking one that works best for your needs.

How’s the latency with tablets and an Xbox controller?

I use a kishi with my phone so the controller is connected straight in (no Bluetooth or wireless protocol needed) and I feel 0 lag.

Is it the same with a Xbox controller?