Best selling games on Steam July 26th - August 1st (#1 Grounded, #5 Flight Sim)


Value based

  1. Grounded
  2. Valve Index
  3. Destroy All Humans
  4. Sea of Thieves
  5. Microsoft Flight Simulator
  6. Halo: The Master Chief Collection
  7. PUBG
  8. Red Dead Redemption 2
  9. Satisfactory
  10. Death Stranding

Fascinating list.


Microsoft and Sony taking over Steam. Good to see more people being able to play games.

Xbox bringing their games to pc is already showing a lot of gains, both Sony and MS will hugely benefit from releasing all of their games on steam. They are tapping into a market with its own audience.

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I kind of wish they’d say how much Halo has sold on Steam like they did for Sea of Thieves. That has been on the global top sellers since it came out. It has to be 2 million + at this point.

Last I checked steamspy had it pegged between 2-5 Million owners, though its data isn’t 100 percent accurate of course. Realistically I wouldn’t be surprised if its 3 million or higher now.

Microsoft slowly turning Steam into an XGS launcher.

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Still kinda insane to see XGS dominating steam charts when they don’t see to have the same impact on retail


While XGS is doing great on Steam, it’s also about timing and what’s being tracked by which entity. A lot of charts only track physical. Plus late July, early August aren’t exactly when the big hitters are coming out, on top of the fact that Steam tracks this stuff daily as opposed to monthly. It also helps that a lot of the huge games on PC (Fortnite, Minecraft, etc.) aren’t on Steam.

Having said that, it’s impressive that Microsoft is doing so well on Steam with a back catalog and new games alike. They have quite the width and variety of games, many of which can totally resonate with PC players.

The amount of money Sony is leaving on the table is ridiculous. Do they really think their console sales will drop by like 20 million if they open up to PC?

I’m super curious how many more Sony games will come after Horizon’s success on PC or have they legitimately only ported that engine to PC at this point.

I think they will eventually do it but have to slowly warm their fan base up to the idea.

Congrats XGS

Sony is dipping their toes with some late ps4 ports, kinda like how MS started doing their pc ports, I’d imagine that in 2-3 years they will be releasing all of their games a lot closer to the original console release.

Sony will see the light of the day with Horizon sales on Steam honestly… When it sells 2M+ within a couple of months…Horizon is a first for them and they’re gauging the Steam audience as to how quickly and how much they buy their games around or at launch. If it sells 1M within the first week then its a straight up success IMO for them.


Well, for Sony it’s not just a matter of money from the games, they do want to push the console as a platform.

I imagine they are working on something similar to what Ms has done (using PSN on steam, having their own store, allow cross buy and cross progression among them), because unless they have an ecosystem beyond the console releasing games day and date on pc would just take away from the console I gather.

That’s true, but on the other hand Ms has gamepass and all those games are on the service.

Death Stranding, which was at a point a big ps4 exclusive also launched and didn’t have the same staying power (though even on ps4 the game wasn’t that huge of a seller).

But yeah I agree. There are some asterisks but great to see them doing so well.

Great to see both MS and Sony enjoy so much success on PC. The more people who get to enjoy these games, the better.

I’ve always made the argument that the die hard PC fanbase that get a console like the PS4 aren’t going to contribute much to the platform. PC gamers don’t like paying for online play, so they are less likely to sub to services like PS+. The overlapping market of PC gamers who only get a console for exclusives is a drop in the bucket, especially compared to the large number of PC players you’re opening yourself up to by supporting that platform. There will always be a market of console only gamers who have no interest in a PC and that is still a market for MS and Sony to fight over. PC ports should not have to come at the cost of fighting for this console market. Hopefully Sony truly learns that they are just leaving money on the table by not supporting a platform they don’t really directly compete against.

You have to keep in mind that Death Stranding is purely a Single Player game with some MP elements in it. Not only did it stay relevant in the top 5 for 2 weeks straight starting from 2-3 days from launch day but also it sold for $59.99 with barely any regional pricing unlike MS games that have great regional pricing and is significant part of the reason why their games sell a lot. No matter how good a SP game is, you won’t see it stay in the top 10 for more than a week unless its GTAV or Fallout 4 or some other PC centric title. After the 1st week, usually SP AAA games drop out of the 10. Death Stranding has had the staying power a lot of AAA games didn’t have in the top 10. It sold a lot among the sim crowd and likely is close to selling 1M on PC. It had 800K owners on steamspy late last week from what i’ve seen steamspy is sometimes behind on numbers and ofc we still don’t know how much it sold on EGS.

All MS games released so far have been partly MP titles or Halo. Let them release a quality SP title and then you can compare to something like Death Stranding.

Yeah, single player games are often way more ‘frontloaded’ in sales. I’m fairly sure Death Stranding and H:ZD are gonna sell great on Steam.

Microsoft just has some IP that resonate with the PC gaming community and have staying power. I’m more surprised by the consistent sales than the amount of sales.

I agree with all that, like I said there are some asterisks around the phrase “Ms is dominating steam sales”.

Though I would say they already released some games that were primarily SP driven like Gears Tactics and Gears 5 (which had a huge mp focus but it was kind of ignored), and they behaved similarly reaching the top for a while but quickly fading out.

I think Tactics and Gears 5 were played more on the game pass side and also the fact that there are no Gears games on Steam prior to these game being released there due to which i think the Steam crowd wouldn’t wanna get into the series THIS late. I think for Gears when MS releases a collection of the previous games there, then you’ll see the floodgates of people buying it IMO. Its the same reason why i didn’t delve into Gears 5… cause i wanna play 1-Judgement before it! :stuck_out_tongue: