Best Driving Wheel for the Series X?

Hi, I’m looking for peoples advice wit experience as to what is the best semi realistic driving wheel for the Series X?

I play enough racing games to warrant it and I’m really loving forza MS right now. On top of that I think Forza is realistic enough for my 13 year old to start devling into more real like driving scenarios as a teaching aid.

I’d say our budget will be $250 or less hopefully with pedals and a good force feedback wheel

I use the LOGITECH Driving Force G920 it so wonderful with FORZA was lucky to get the wheel at half price on a Amazon Prime day sale and paid just 130 Euro’s

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Thanks ill give that one a look

Ok everyone is gonna tell you Logitech, but the TM stuff fits your price range more?

The TM pedals are also magnetic so less likely to have issues due to dust vs the Logitech. That being said the 128 wheel does have a lot of plastic on it.

A lot of this honestly depends on when you can find on sale. The Logitech G923 is the newer better variant of the 920, but it’s $100 over your price range.

The TM128 is only $200, but it’s not as nice per se. Even the old 920 Logitech is probably $300 though.

It all depends on what you are comfortable with.

Thanks for the info

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I have the Logitech G923 and it’s great! It’s my first racing setup though so wth do I know lol. Bought the Logitech Driving Force Shifter too, driving with stick feels very nice.

I can only speak for the value wheels . I absolutely recommend staying away from the Ferrari wheel. It breaks and has known build quality issues.

The best value wheel is the Hori wheel. “Mode 2” allows you to use it on any game you want, even the unsupported games. It’s super fun using a wheel for Grand Theft Auto 5. The Hori Wheel is the clear winner for value and fun… remember videogames are supposed to be fun :joy:

Any of these wheel wireless by any chance?

This one is not too bad

I found my old 360 Fanatec wheel in the storage room. Mhmm, anybody got any experience with a DriveHub device to get this working on my Series X?