BC Fable Anniversary chugs on Xbox X, does it get better?

This was going to be my next game before Kiwami 2, but the framerate is bad, does it get better later on? or should I wait until Series X?

I think it chugged on 360 as well. There may just be issues with the game code to the point that it has issues no matter where you play it.

I remember fable 3 being playable… (I actually enjoyed fable 3, unpopular opinion)

& fable 2 was completely unplayable, ran so bad, felt like i was running on ice, and my god if you even tried Co op, it could turn into a slide show and you shared a screen (xbox 360, no idea if xbox one is better)

& I’m disappointed to hear fable anniversary doesn’t run well, as I wanted to get round too it before fable reboot.

It was bad but playable for me. Unfortunately the other two are verging into unplayable. I wish we could get a quick and dirty trilogy remaster that did nothing else but make it either 60fps or a good locked smooth 30fps at 4k and tighten up the controls.

Were 2 and 3 bad on the 360? I don’t remember 2 having any performance problems but I also haven’t played it in a long time.

Have you tried a system reboot @statham? It seems to perform well in the video below.

I haven’t looked at 2 but I have frame rate footage showing that 3 runs well on both the 360 and 1X. You can see some of the footage in the video below at the 21:49 mark.

It’s pretty bad but I don’t see it getting much better. Only if they rework it for Series X to hype up the new one.

The game is still amazing and worth it, but it was a big barrier to overcome at first. It’s a great game but poorly optimized for 360 and moving it to One didn’t fix it too much.

I think the game just chugs regardless of platform. It was still playable for me though.

At the time I can’t remember them being bad. But they are better on XB1 than 360.

It’s hard for me to explain. It’s obviously not framerate though going by this video but something else. Maybe it’s the controls rather than FPS. I’ll give it a try today.

Edit: Sorry double post.

It should run perfectly on the Series X if you can wait that long. From what I’ve heard, it already runs great on the One X, but maybe that was before they added the enhancements. Just the other day I started playing it on the OG Xbox One, and I have no complaints about how it runs there. It feels clunky, but that’s not because of how it performs.

Tried rebooting it and clearing out the cache, performs the same. I’m just going to wait until XSX.

It doesn’t. I was playing through it last year on the 1X and had to give up not too far from the end, when I reached the snowy North continent area. It just kept crashing so I dropped it. Hopefully the XSX can improve it, as it was still a lot of fun.

That’s a shame. Definitely a game that will be interesting to look at when the Series X launches.