BBC: Xbox and Call of Duty cause record broadband data use in UK

The UK’s leading internet providers have experienced record broadband use as a result of new Xbox consoles and fresh releases to the Call of Duty games franchise.

BT, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, Vodafone, City Fibre and Zen Internet said they had all coped with the spike in demand on Tuesday.

Much of the activity was generated by video gamers downloading large files.

Some people will have experienced slower speeds as a consequence.

The internet service providers will be tested again on 19 November when the PlayStation 5 comes to the UK.

Some people will have experienced slower speeds as a consequence of the high level of traffic.

So, not content will unleasing 2 next-gen consoles, Phil Spencer now breaks our internet! What will he do next!!? :crazy_face: :wink:



Holy crap!

Lol it’s going to be even worse in a week with PS5!

Depends on the stocks levels., Xbox could have more stock for the UK.

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No surprise. I didn’t do anything other than patch, and download GoW2 and JFO. And supposedly I have used 169GB already. I’m going to have to track that Internet usage in the settings to make sure I don’t bust my Internet cap