Battletoads Head Writer worked on Rick and Morty


New Battletoads video on Twitter


I’ve done a complete change of opinion on battletoads, I thought it was going to be pretty bad last year but now it looks pretty damn fun and good 1 year later.

Same, and as an old brawler fan I’m starting to get excited again; it really seems that Dlala listened to the feedback given. I’d be extremely interested to hear what @Shpeshal_Nick thinks, if he gets a hands-on before the launch next week.

Oh man, this pretty much cements that the dialogue will be hilarious. Maybe even the funniest game up to this point?

I have been lukewarm on it. Today was the first time I checked out the media they’ve released so far and I gotta say that I’m really looking forward to it. The writing and voice acting seems top notch. If they have a nice combo system in there it would be great.

Which writer worked on Rick and Morty? I swear Zitz sounds like the voice actor that does various voices on Rick and Morty. Like cousin Nicky.

Trover Saves the Universe is pretty dang funny. You should check that out if you like this kind of humor.

Tom Kaufmann is who I’m talking about but there may be more. In that video I posted in the OP the director mentions that all of the writers are from tv and movies. None of them have done a videogame before.

Yeah got it and beat it on my Quest. It was amazing.