Bask in the glory that is Xbox Smart Delivery

From what we can see, it will not do so, not natively anyway. It’s up to CDPR to make sure to implement a save transfer feature or some sort of cloud-based account that syncs the saves between platforms for you. We’ll see if they’ll bother (considering they’re already crunching hard to finish as is) or if, at launch, PS4 saves will not transfer to PS5.

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I think it’s very possible. The one thing that is common in those games not supporting cross save is that everything that is saved locally doesn’t carry over, while stuff that the game syncs to your profile online does.

Assuming that’s correct, they would have to design something around to get into that, stuff like your char level, completed missions and inventory synced, but the minute to minute save would be lost (though you’d be a fast travel away from where you were).

btw, just want to point out that Matt said PS5 would have a similar feature. Another miss when he is not being completely vague. Also said that PS5 will have a Quick Resume feature, let’s see if that pans out.


Shameless plug time?

Shameless plug time.


I just saw some folks on twitter turn this into a positive lmao. Talking about how “this means we get to play the amazing game again and also grind out the trophies twice!”

I saw this as well, it’s really a baffling take.

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